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Helen Murray is the daughter of George Murray.    George was the son of Duncan Murray Quilietti.  

Helen enjoying a cocktail on holiday

We passed each other in Edinburgh on our mutual way to support the S.N.P.’s March for Independence.  Helen instantly recognised me, even although we have never met before.   We do have very similar characteristics.  With her were her son Dylan and daughter Ellie.  

Helen now lives in Dunkeld and is married to Graeme Wallace. 

Graeame Wallace

The tree above shows Helen’s Murray family line through her great grandad Alexander Murray, back to Leitram in the Republic of Ireland. This line however is not really Helen’s. Duncan was adopted by Valentina as a baby after his natural mother died of the Spanish Flu in 1918 just at the end of the War. His natural father was Joseph Angelo Quilietti, Valentina’s brother. Duncan was always proud of his Murray heritage and he was the eldest of this large family.

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  1. Helen Wallace says:

    We look ok so alike and have the same name! Family resemblance must run deep.

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