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MURRAY, Duncan Quilietti

Duncan Quilietti Murray’s Grandson George 

DUNCAN Quilietti Murray

Duncan photographed here at the front right with the rest of his family

was born on 31st December 1915 during the 1st World War.   His parents were Joseph Angelo Quilietti and Catherine Jane Kelly.   His parents had married on 15th January of 1915 at St. Mary’s R.C. Church at Broughton.  Joe then went off to war.

Murray Clan

After the war Joe returned to Edinburgh after serving in France.   There was  an extremely severe  strain of the flu which was hitting the vulnerable folks who were perhaps run down after the rationing of the war going around the country at that time.  Catherine died at the City Hospital in Edinburgh on 4th November 1918.

Joe was left with the baby, not yet three years old to look after.   His sister Valentina stepped in and took on the baby and looked after him as her very own.

On 4th September 1919 Joe remarried to Jane Boyle and they carried on their lives without Duncan.

Valentina who had married on 12th February 1915 to Alex. Murray was not willing to let go of her nephew so easily and the rest is history.  Even from that early date Duncan knew Valentina only as his mum.  She loved him dearly.  Her nature was of a kind and loving one and she had many children with Alex. always treating Duncan as their very own and never letting him think otherwise.

Duncan grew up and  I do not know whether he knew of Joseph’s family as being his half-brothers or not.  I believe my dad Joe and his brother Arthur knew fully of the situation but the younger members of the Quilietti family did not know about their brother until after his death in 1974.



JANET DONALDSON CAMPBELL.   She was known as Nettie

Netty Murray

They married on 7th April 1939 at St. Stevens Church in Stockbridge.  Duncan at the time was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery his address given as 6 Royston Mains East, Edinburgh.  His wife Janet worked in the chocolate factory and she lived at 62 Granton Crescent, Edinburgh.

Duncan was a GunnerAnother photo of Duncan during the War

Duncan Murray Quilietti


They had four sons


    Duncan Murray junior

    DUNCAN was born on 11th September 1939 at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh.

    Duncan also had a son called Duncan who married on 3rd May 1980 at St. Andrew’s Church in Clermiston to Sharon Helen Hunter.  They have since divorced


    George with wife Helen and their grandson

    Helen Murray with her two grandchildren, Harrison and Dexter


    Ellie Wallace is Helen’s daughter

    George was born on 12th July 1940 in the Eastern General Hospital in Edinburgh. He married on 7th July 1969 to Helen Scott Parsons or Dunn .   They have three children, Helen Sophia Murray born on 10th January 1970 George Campbell Murray born on 4th December 1972 and Craig Murray born on 24th August 1965- please help me out here

    Craig with mum Helen and dad George

    Jamie and Craig Murray

    George and Helen enjoying a banter

    Helen and Ellie

    Helen and Ellie

    Dylan and Ellie Wallace –

    Tree View



    Alex. Murray

    was born on 6th May 1942 his father signing as Duncan Quilietti Murray.

  • Alex was married on 5th March 1960 at the Canongate Church, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.  His occupation at this time was given as latex worker and his address as 167 Telford Road.  His bride was Millicent Lees Fairbairn who was from the Craigmillar side of the city.   They had two children MARK ALEXANDER MURRAY born 13th January 1967 and Debbie Lee Murray born 10 September 1962.
  • ROBERT MURRAY was born on 4th June 1943 . Robert was married to Emily Burt.

Duncan Murray Quilietti was killed violently on his way home on 30th June 1974 in Telford Place, Edinburgh.

These sons of Duncan Murray are my own first-cousins and I would be very happy if any of the descendents of Duncan would leave me a post……Helen Quilietti Stanton  The photographs I have inserted was from the one below.   Please let me know if I have inserted the wrong faces

The Murray Clan at a recent get together


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  1. Helen Murray says:

    I’m Helen Wallace (Murray), my father is George Campbell Murray, my grandfather was Duncan Quilietti (Murray). I’m so glad I found this as I never knew my great grandfather and great grandmothers name’s! I only knew sketchy details of my grandfathers story but so glad to now have all the proper information.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Helen Wallace (Murray) says:


    My name is Helen Wallace (Murray), my father is George Campbell Murray pictured above and my grandfather was Duncan Murray (Quilietti). I only knew scattered information about my grandfathers past, it is so nice to finaly have the names of my paternal great grandfather and great grandmother. Thank you for this web page as it’s opened up a whole new part of my family tree that I knew little about.

  3. Angela mackenzie says:

    Duncan murray senior 1939 did not marry sharon hunter that was his son duncan murray who would be about 51

  4. Helen says:

    Thanks Angela. I have tried to sort out all the Duncan’s and am very much obliged for the help you have sent. Could you help me sort out this side of the family. will get you directly to my home address. thanks again Helen

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