The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Adolfo 1884

Adolfo  Quilietti was born on 7th August the year 1884 in Castelvecchio Pascoli.   That makes him a Leo subject.

He was the youngest of the six surviving Quilietti children.  He was named after his  brother who died in infancy.  He became very handsome as he grew older and was indeed quite a ladies man.


His elder brothers Emilio and Augusto travelled to Scotland when he was just a young boy but we know from records and photographs that he visited Scotland.

Adolfo Declaration USA

Adolfo death

In America he and his brother went into the butcher’s business and opened what they called a Meat Market in Pawtucket.

Adolfo never married but remained especially close to his nieces Alma and Elsie Dante, his sister Ermenia’s two daughters.  He lived in Columbus Avenue just across the street from them.

They remembered Adolfo with much affection and told stories of how he liked the ladies.

His death was caused by an accident in the basement of the butcher’s shop where he worked.   The generator on but no fresh air vents open caused him to die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

He died with a substantial estate which was all administrated to all his nieces and nephews, even those in Scotland.

He is interred in the Mount St. Mary Cemetery in the town.

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