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ARPINO James John Reid 1955

James J Reid is a talented artist, graphic designer  and photographer, having graduated from the University of Westminster in 2002.    JJ as he is known, was born in 1955 in Scotland, the son of Angelina Hunter and John Reid.  James spent much of his formative years living with his grandparents, Mary and James Hunter in the village of  Pathead, Midlothian, Scotland, where Mary’s parents had settled after the First World War.

 His son and grandson now live in Finland.   Well this is the first of the Clan to live in this particular part of the globe.  His other lines take him back also to Ireland where the surname Joyce originated, as well as having the Scottish Roots through the Hunter branch.

James’s team from 1971. Not sure but think JJ is on the bottom right hand side.

James spent some of his life growing up in Malta where his mother lived for many years.

JJ Reid is holding the Shield. He is on the right with the smiling face
  JJ Reid – the Artist
JJ’s Grandmother Mary Arpino with her sister Angelina or Lina They worked as part of the land army during WW2
JJ’s website

James has a brother Craig to be confirmed, photo of himself and his family below

James’s brother Craig Reid with  his wife Amy to his right
1975 JJ with his partner Eira
JJ in his youth second from left
Jaska, his son and grandson live in Finland.  
GRANDSON Olli and Henna
JJ’s creation
Another painting by JJ
Have a good day
My Grandmother Mary Arpino Hunter was the Caretaker here for a while –
Ford House. Used to ride an old roan mare in the grounds at the weekend with the local vicar fluttering around scared that one of us kids might fall off the ponies and horses 
Squirrel foraging for food
Ready for the Compost Heap

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  1. JJ says:

    Hi Helen,
    As regards the military gent, his name was Sergeant Richard Flood, born in Limerick, Ireland and enlisted with the army in 1825. Served in Ceylon, Edinburgh Castle, Australia, New Zealand that I know of.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks JJ have sorted out the page. Hope this finds you well

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