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STANTON, The Madigan connections

Helen Rose Quilietti marries Denis Madigan Stanton

We can trace the Madigan connection to 1800 in Ireland where Denis Peter Madigan who was born circa 1810 marries Margaret Philbain.   There are branches of the Madigan tree to be found in Rosscommon, Clare and Limerick.  All these branches have Denis offspring.

Death of Peter Madigan

This branch came from Limerick - but two NN in Denis

1911 Madigans from Clare

Like the Stanton family the Madigan’s also left Ireland for Edinburgh circa 1845 and they too settled in the Cowgate area of the city.

Denis and Margaret had sever children who came to Scotland with them , all who were born in Ireland

DANIEL MADIGAN was the eldest.  He was born in 1828 in Ireland

HELEN MADIGAN was born in 1832 in Ireland

PETER  MADIGAN was born 1833 and he died 27th January 1890 in Edinburgh.  He is our direct line and the great grandfather of Denis Madigan Stanton.  Peter married in St. Patrick’s in the Cowgate on 20th August 1858 to Catherine Clark..  He was a stonemason by trade

  • They had a large family. Dennis born on 27th December 1859, Thomas in 1861, Helen in 1864, Maggie in 1868, Peter born on 7th July 1870 and Catherine born on 8th November 1875.    There was another Denis born in 1873 and another Peter born in 1878.  They would have been named after their deceased siblings.  Our direct line Catherine married Edward Stanton again in St. Patrick’s Church in the Cowgate on 26th July 1894.    She died in  1956.

JOHN MADIGAN was born in 1834 in Ireland

LAWRENCE MADIGAN was born in 1846 in Ireland

MICHAEL MADIGAN was born in 1848 in Ireland


Between 1834 and 1846 there surely would have been more children.   But these are lost in the passing of time.

The names Madigan and Maddin in Ireland are derived from the native O’Madain Sept who were located in County Galway in the west of Ireland.

County Galway, Ireland

They also settled in county Rosscommon, and that is where our branch of the  Madigan family were from.

Celebrating 60th in Ireland

Roscommon comes from the Irish ‘Ros’ meaning a wooded, gentle height and ‘Comán’, the name of the county’s famous saint and the first bishop of the see. Rathcroghan was home to the Kings of Connacht and then to the High Kings of Ireland.

Having driven through the county on our way from Mayo to Dublin I can only say how beautiful the countryside is here.   The houses are all in pristine condition and there are horses grazing in the many fields.   It is really lovely.

There are also the famous carved Leprauchan Standing Stones which stand proudly in one of the green fields.

Cavehill (IrishBinn Uamha), historically known as Ben Madigan (from IrishBinn Mhadagáin), is a basaltic hill overlooking the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It forms part of the south-eastern border of the Antrim Plateau. It is distinguished by its famous ‘Napoleon’s Nose  a basaltic outcrop which resembles the profile of the famous emperorand is said to have inspired the famous novel Gulliver’s Travels.  Cavehill is also the name of an electoral ward in Belfast.


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  1. looking for william stanton he left ireland for anglesey about 1844 or 45 his father name was also william stanton

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Linda and thanks for taking the time to comment. As our branch of the family came mostly to Scotland I have no research of the Welsh or English branches of the tree. But I will keep my eyes open for any Williams that may crop up. It is not common in our branch.

  3. Amy says:

    Hi- I’m the granddaughter of a Pete Madigan born around 1920 in Glasgow, died fighting for the US in WWII. His father was a Pete Madigan 1876-1830 born in Springburn, Lankashire, Scotland, died in Detroit. HIS father was a Pete Madigan born around 1831 in Ireland and married a Mary Conway or Conoway. They died in Glasgow. I am thinking we must be related, but our Pete Madigans don’t quite seem to match up? I have nothing further than the Pete born in Ireland. If you have any advice, I’d love it! Email sent.

  4. Helen says:

    The Madigan family is large and like the Stanton family all the kids had the same names. Our Peter Madigan 1876 was born in Edinburgh. His parents were Peter Madigan and Catherine Clark. Peter was described as a musician on his death certificate. He died of a very bad chest, emphysemia, pheumonia and chronic bronchitis when he was only 46. He was a drummer apparently. He visited Canada in 1922 and returned to Scotland the year later. Our Peter’s line goes back to Limerick in Ireland where there were and still are many of the Madigan family there today

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