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ST. PATRICK’S R.C. Church, The Canongate, Edinburgh.

St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in the Canongaate, Edinburgh, has been the host to many of our families births, marriages and funerals.

The History of the Church goes way back to  between 1771 and 1774  when the marvellous building was erected for the Scottish Episcopol Church.  It was sold on not thirty years later to the United Presbyterian ChurchBuilt in 1772-4 as a ‘qualified’ Episcopal chapel; John Baxter Jr was the architect, William Wright the contractor. As first built, it was a large two-storey rectangle with a semi-octagonal apse and a tower with a domed belfry. The church was bought by the Roman Catholics in 1856. Pedimented W porch added in 1890, when the flanking ground floor windows were deepened. In 1898 the interior was realigned and a new sanctuary built to the N by J Graham Fairley. Front rebuilt by Reginald Fairlie in 1929. Flanking chapels of 1924-5; mortuary chapel at SE by Alexander McWilliam, 1921.

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  1. Catherine Janet Reid says:

    My grandparents were married in St,Patricks on 30/6/1909. My grandfather was Ba
    rtolomeo Cavaroli and my grandmother was Winifred Irwin

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