The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage

STANTON PETER 1908-1972 our line

Our branch of the Stanton family

Peter Stanton

Mary Stanton – nee Sutherland

Mary Stanton with her boys

Two Menaces 1979 – Denis Madigan Stanton and Denis Jamie.

Jimmy Stanton 2012 still actively involved with the fitbaw

A tribute to Jimmy

A brilliant Blast from the Past with four Stantons, Mick, Davie, Peter and Denis.  Two Sutherlands,  Jimmy and Davie.  Gus Grant was married to Ann Cotterall.  Her mum was Betty Sutherland.  Anne’s dad Harry is also in the photograph  And wee Eckie Miller is in the front

The Stanton boys with Eckie

Denis, Peter, Jimmy and Michael Stanton

Peter, Ann and Jimmy Stanton

Taken the same day but this time with Betty and Mary Sutherland, and of course the dug

The Gathering with Jamie Stanton

Jimmy and Michael Stanton

Peter Stanton’s poem – we know now who Peter junior takes after

a wee Donna

Maggie with Peter and Donna

Lyndsey with her dad Derek

Lovely wedding day photo of Lyndsey

LEE STANTON, Australian nephew

the Family

Davie Stanton – he died when he was only 49,

a young Davie Stanton

Denis the Menace in full flow in Dublin

Lynne Stanton still upholding the family tradition

Lynne with dad Jimmy and a famous Hibby whose name I don’t Know

Peter and Donna Stanton – Peter always liked to sing

Peter’s poem to Mick

Cathy and Davie Stanton

Davie Sutherland with Peter, Davie and Denis Stanton

Mary, my mother-in-law.

.Cousing, Lynn and Donna

Jimmy and Ann Fotherham Stanton

Denis, Peter and Jamie Stanton

Donna and Anne Stanton

a poem for Maggie

Mark and Maria Connett

Mark with his daughter Maria Connett

Mark with mum Lynn

Lynn Stanton with her two grandchildren

input bits of their own lives into these pages

The Stantons always love a sing song


, a wee bit about their mums, dads, uncles or aunts.

Mark Connet Passing Out Parade

Lyndsey Stanton to the right

touch withLYNN STANTON with her granny Mary Sutherland Stanton.

Mark with his family

Jimmy at Anfield


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