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Arpino Michaelangella Fusco

Michaelangella Arpino was the sister of Francesca Aprino who married Augusto Quilietti.  She married Benedetto Fusco.

After the family’s emigration from Italy the Arpino family had tried out various places in England first.   One of these places was Bradford.

It was here in Bradford in the year 1879 that the 21year old elder sister of Angelina fell in love with another Italian immigrant by the name of Benedetto Fusco.  Michaelangella and Benedetto were married later that year.

Benedetto’s father was Pasquale Fusco whose occupation was given as a ‘wood turner’ and his mother’s name was Celeste D’Agostino.

The Fusco family were a colourful family with street  musicians and stucco sellers amongst them and it was not surprising that another brother and sister from the same clans would also marry.

They newlyweds first child was documented as being born in the year 1878 but this may be a misprint as was often the case in those days

CHILDREN of  MICHAELANGELLA ARPINO – [b 1858  in Italy – d.1952 Pleasance, Edinburgh and BENEDETTO FUSCO [b.1849 Italy   –  d. 1927 in the Cowgate, Edinburgh] these children were nephews and nieces of Augusto Quilietti.

  • LUCYANNA  [or Nunziatta L.]  FUSCO born 1880.
  • She married on 3rd February 1896 in St. Patrick’s Church in the Cowgate Edinburgh to ALLESSANDERO RUSSO.    They were divorced on 26th February 1921. The reason for this divorce was apparent she had her first son Santello  Caira in 1909.   Michael Anthony Caira, her second son,  was born in 1915.   She was free to   marry  GIUSEPPE LEOPOLD  CAIRA shortly after her divorce . She had a long happy life however and did not die unitl 1954 at 12 Glenvarloch Drive, Edinburgh.

  • MARIA FUSCO born 1879.  She first of all married JOSEPH GARGARA who was a confectioner by trade.     She married  again in the year 1931 to John Bird .

  • JOVANNA FUSCO was born in 1884.  She married GERARDO RINALDI  in St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in the Cowgate on 2nd October 1902.

  • MICHAEL FUSCO was born in 1886.   He was the first of the family to marry into the Scots.  Her name was Elizabeth Buchanan.  They married on 2nd August 1909 in Glasgow.   Their son Andrew Bennet Fusco was born the following year.

  • JOSEPH FUSCO was born in 1888 and died on 14th June 1933 at 44 Cowgate, Edinburgh.   He never married

  • ANTONIO FUSCO was born in 1891 and his first marriage was to Emily Kelly on 3rd November 1914.  His next marriage was to Mary Weir.   We are unsure if he had any family.   He died in 1945 of a stomach ulcer.

  • SAMUEL FUSCO who was born in 1893.  Sam as he was known married Wilhelmina Morrison on 16th June 1919.  They had five childreBENNET  FUSCO  BORN 1919-1991- Benne as he was called went on to marry Jane Ingraham Finnan on 14th April 1941.   Their two sons are Ralph Bennett Fusco and Ronald George Fusco.  Benne died of cancer of the stomach on 13th April 1991.  Ronnie married Helen Madigan Rankine Fee at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Lauriston, Edinburgh. – both Ronnie and Helen are friends of Helen Quilietti  and Denis Madigan Stanton although we do not know if the two Madigans are related or not.
  1. LORETTO FUSCO born 1921
  2. RALPH FUSCO born 1923-1946
  3. GEORGE FUSCO born 1925-1988
  4. LOUISE FUSCO born 1928


  • PASQUALE or PATRICK FUSCO.   He was born in 1896.   He married Susan Bird who was born in 1903.   From here on it gets complicated.   We find the same Susan Bird marrying Patrick Docherty Fusco on 17th March 1922  This Patrick was the son of Razio Fusco and Margaret Fusco above.  So this intermarriaging of Susan Bird between Uncle and Nephew was quite a strange find.
  • ANTONIA FUSCO born 7th May 1897 in Solicitors Buildings Cowgate.  She was known as Netty.  She married Thomas Christopher Norval Cairns Watt on 6th May 1925 in 34 Chambers Street, Edinburgh.

  • Giacintino Fusco born 7th April 1899.  He died in the year 1965.
  • Giacintino Fusco born 9th July 1901.  He died on 2nd August 1968 at 63 The Pleasance, Edinburgh.  Not sure if these are the same person or not.

  • RAZIO FUSCO born 8th March 1903 at Solicitors Buildings, Cowgate, Edinburgh.  He married Margaret Docherty on 12th November 1923.  Their son Patrick Docherty Fusco was born in 1926.  Patrick in turn married Susan Bird who had been married to his uncle Pasquale.  Patrick and Susan had one child Celesto Fusco born on 5th January 1922.  She married Thomas McNamarra in St. Francis R.C. Church Edinburgh in 1943.

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