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BARGA by Giuseppe Luti




Barga’s most professional photographer has shared all of these images with us of his beloved Town.  I just love to look at his offerings and wish in awe that I was back there visiting my father’s roots once more.  So I dedicate this webpage to Giuseppe with many thanks for allowing us to look at his beautiful town with the eyes of a local inhabitant.

By Giuseppe LUTI


This beautiful photograph captures the Season

Famiglia 1919

He has also posted some photographs of himself and his family which I would also like to share as they are a wonderful testament to the past and must be preserved for the future generations who wish to enjoy.

Wonderful photograph, Joe I presume is the one with the arrow pointing towards him here. 1956

The Duomo is at the heart of the community and also the Bell Ringers who also share their memories with us via their facebook page.

Giuseppe's family

Is this Joe

In town

another shot from Castelvecchio

From the town

Washing line overlooking the Pania


Beautiful Barga. At the right is the phone box presented to Barga by Maurio Ceccini, from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Joseph Luti

The fate of the trees - by Joseph Luti

Barga Cemetery

lovely Barga

Managed to get your name in this one Giuseppe

Giuseppe with Mama - to be confirmed



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