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NERI Delassio connections

The Neri and Dalassio marriage showing the link with Larissa Wilson who is the great grandaughter of Valentina Quilietti

The Delassio family and the Neri family have their roots back to Casino in Italy. Here we find Antonio Dalessio and his wife Madalena Poincaile.

They had two sons Pietro and Giovanni, both of whom came to Scotland.  .

Giovanni married INNOCENZIA  DEMOLIA in Cassino on 18th June 1894.  Shortly after their marriage they emigrated to Scotland and their marriage was fruitful.  They had many children, all born in Aberdeen in Scotland.  Innocenzia died in Edinburgh at 8 Leslie Place on 29th October 1950.  Her parents were Giuseppe Demolia  [farmer] and Anna Soave.  Giovanni died in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on 17th July 1941.


  • ROSA was born in 1900 and married Daniel McKenzie – I have no further information on this line
  • ALLESANDRA was also born on 27th January 1900 at 36 East North Street in Aberdeen.  Giovanni described as a musician and his x mark signifying his signature.  She never married and on her death lines in 1965 her occupation is given as a Confectionery Shop Assistant Drive.  Her residence was 5 Telford Drive, Edinburgh.  She was 65.  Her son A Dalessio is qualified signatory. Son Anthony Dalessio went on to marry Georgina Hardie in 1951.  Daughter Pamela Jane born in 1956.  He died in 1999.
  • FRANCESCO was born on July 29th 1902.  Address given as 50 St. John Street in Aberdeen.  He married Christina Gibb.  On their wedding lines father John describing himself now as a Restaurant Keeper.  Christina’s father was a Baker by trade.   One daughter, Gladys,  born 1923-1946.  Francesco died prematurely on 1st June 1923 shortly after the birth of Gladys.  He was only  20 years.
  • GIUSEPPE was born on 23rd March 1905.  He married Willimena Knowles. He had two children Terri and Catherine.   Giuseppe died in Aberdeen in 1975.
  • DOMENICO was born in 1907 and died the same year of bronchial pheumonia.
  • ALLESANDRO ANTONIO was born on 30th July 1908 and died 28th April 1925 of T.B.  Allesandro worked as an Ice Cream Vendor.
  • CLEMENTINA was born in Aberdeen on 6th September 1910.  She married Anthony Neri.  See more on Clementina below.  She died age 71 years at her home at 26 East Mayfield in Edinburgh.
  • LOUIS DAL [Luigi] was born 19th March 1913 in Aberdeen in Scotland.  He in turn called himself Dall, probably after the Second World War.  Married Elizabeth Begg in 1934.  They however Divorced.  He died in Edinburgh in 1975.  His occupation was one of storekeeper at 9 Rankeillor Street in Edinburgh’s Southside.
  • GIOVANNI was born on 20th January 1915.   He married Margaret Christie Bennet on 25th October 1953.    They had twins Catherine Margaret and Allesandra, or Sandra [both of whom have met the Author Helen] and they were born in 1975.  John as he was known was also a Fish Fryer.  He and Margaret Divorced sometime later.   Giovanni  died in 1975 at his home address in Leslie Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
  • FILOMENA was born on 29th November 1916 in Marshall Street Aberdeen.  She died in Edinburgh ‘s affluent district of Denhaugh Street in Stockbridge in 1987


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