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MORRISON Ann or Nancy1939-1965


Nancy here at her sister Peggy’s marriage to Joe Quilietti in 1945

Nancy was born on 6th November 1939 at 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace, Edinburgh, just at the start of the second world war.  She married Eddie Fachney in 1957 and at that time she was working as a commission agent’s Clerkess and residing at 18 Springwell Place in the Gorgie end of the city.   Witnesses at their wedding were Adeline Fachney and Margaret Ferguson.

Nancy, Jayne and Rosie Kane

Shortly after her marriage her son Edward was born on 12th July 1957 at the Eastern General Hospital in Edinburgh.  Jayne Marie Fachney followed the following year on 31st May.   The family lived ata 15 Mayfield Place in Edinburgh at this time.    For reasons unknown to the family their marriage ended in divorce.

Nancy remarried some years later to James Drysdale Stewart who was a blacksmith/welder by trade and who lived at 18 Hay Drive.   Circumstances however was to cause the breakdown of this marriage also.  Nancy was to die tragically of Gas Carbon Monoxide Poisining at her sister’s flat at 2 Dundee Place, Edinburgh during the evening of 15th December 1965.  The whole family were devistated by this tragedy and many of them never recovered from the shock of her death.  She is even today remembered as the most beautiful of the Morrison children.   She lies with her mother and father at Prestonfield Cemetery, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.

beautiful Nancy Morrison

CHILDREN Jayney and Eddie

Jayne and Eddie Fachney. Jayne married John Butler in 1975,   and they in turn had two daughters Michelle and Lisa.  Michelle tragically died in 2018.

A very young Nancy with Eddie

The Picnic – Morrison Clan

Resting Place of Alex Morrison, Helen Denholm Crawford, their lovely daughter Nancy or Anne Morrison and also of George Morrison, their grandson

2 Responses to “MORRISON Ann or Nancy1939-1965”

  1. Lisa Butler says:

    Nancy is my grandma. I am Jayne’s second child Lisa. Thank you for the opportunity to see some pictures of my nana. I was never fortunate enough to meet her. She is a beautiful woman and I have always thought about her growing up. You have made my day!
    Much Love
    Lisa x

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the comment Lisa. I remember you only as a baby when Jayne and your dad were very young. Your granny Nancy Morrison was truly the most beautiful of all the Morrisons. I have my own personal memories of her when she and her brother Jimmy would babysit us when mum and dad went round to the Club on a Friday or Saturday evening. They would have the coal fire roaring up the chimney and then tell both myself and my sister Margaret and brother Hamish the most scary stories you have ever heard. Great fun though and now they are all but memories, but hopefully through this family website their memories will live on.

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