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ROCCHI connections

If we take a wee peek at our lineage we have amongst our ancestors the family Rocchi whose roots are also in the Tuscan villages surrounding Barga.  Giovanni Rocchi is my [Helen’s 6th Great Grandfather] and there will be more beyond this I am sure.

Rocchi crest

Rocchi connections

The Church of St. Niccoli in Castelvecchio Pascoli started to record her records circa 1638 at Christmas time.   This lovely little Chapel is close to our hearts and she holds untold secrets of our past within her precious books.   Whilst researching our family history we discovered that through the Brucciani and Rocchi families were linked in the 1750s with the marriage of my 3rd great grandfather Giovanni Giuseppe Brucciani to Maria Allesandra Rocchi.

precious books

Leonardo and Eletta Brucciani. Her mum was Allessandra Rocchi

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