The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Fiona 1977

Fiona Quilietti [Tawse] was born on the day that Elvis Presley died on 17th  August 1977.   She is the daughter of James [Hamish] Quilietti and Maggie McLeod.   She is the second eldest of Joe Quilietti’s  and Peggy Morrison’s grandchildren and if they had been alive today they would have been well proud of her. Jean Claude with Fiona

Fiona 2015

Fiona 2019

Fiona 2019


Fiona runs the famous Quilietti School of Dance in Edinburgh,   Tony and Fiona  also ran an offshore services company in the oil industry and she  now  has a dance studio in Musselburgh


The only way is Quilietti – the school of Dance Official logo

a school which has flourished since it started 20 years ago.

Fiona’s school of Dance

She is married to Tony Tawse and they had the best wedding ever at Bunchrew House, Inverness, a wedding which we all shall never forget.

They have one son also called Tony.

Tony Junior




beautiful Fiona Quilietti Tawse

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