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Quilietti Valentina 1930-20008

Valentina Quilietti was the youngest daughter of Julio Emilio Quilietti and Elizabeth Wilson.Valentina Yolanda Quilietti Young

7th August 1932. Valli is on the left with sister Betty on the right.

Valli as she was known was born on 8th February 1930 at 71 Leith Street, Edinburgh.

She married John Young and the family moved to Canada.

Looking for help from the family here from her family regarding her time in Canada.

VALENTINE Yolande Young
(nee Quilietti) Edinburgh Val was born in Edinburgh on February 8, 1930 to Julio and Elisabeth Quilietti. She married John Young and lived at 60 St Mary Street with their three children until they immigrated to Canada in 1959. Val’s husband John and her family were all with her on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 when she passed. Val is survived in Edinburgh by her sister Lola, her brother Robert and a sister Bette in Rotterdam. She also leaves behind many nieces’ nephews and friends in the Edinburgh area of Valli Quilietti

Valli far left, Theresa far right

Graham with Theresa, Valli and unknown

Valli's family in Canada

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