The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage


The Quilietti family are related to the Cowan family through the marriage of Theresa Quilietti and Von Cowan.

Von and Theresa in beautiful Roma

James Duncan Cowan was born in 1923 and died in 2006 in Edinburgh.  They married on 23rd August 1962 in St. Giles Registrar’s Office in Edinburgh.

Von worked in the brewery for many years and was a cellarman at the time of their marriage.  He did always love his beer….


Von with son Graham and grandson Graham

Von Cowan

To all who knew Von you will appreciate that he was quite a character.  From his days in the Canongate and beyond the stories about his life were larger than life itself.

His marriage to Theresa could also be described as larger than life.   She would wait for him coming in from the pub with the rolling pin at the back of the door ready to strike.

They enjoyed their holidays and would visit Canada and Holland frequently.  One of their favourite holidays was when in Canada they visited the famous Ponderosa Ranch and met Hoss Cartwright.

Theresa with Hoss Cartwright

They had one son Graham who looked after them both through their old age and beyond.

Graham’s children and grandchildren would be an added source of pleasure for Theresa and Von in their twilight years.

Von suffered poor health at the latter end of his life but even so still managed to get down to his local for a wee refreshment.

He died in 2006.   He is interred in Easter Road Cemetery beside Theresa.

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