The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage


Ian Quilietti is the son of Giulio Quilietti and Teresa Harper,

Il Padrino

Ian was born in Edinburgh and raised in the Lawnmarket, deep in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town.  In the 1950s when Ian was being raised life was not as it is today in this famous part of Edinburgh.  The area and her tenements were slums really, and to make things worse they lived on the top landing.  Six flights up was no mean task in those days when bumping children’s prams up and down the stairs.

Aulden days in the Lawnmarket - this one was taken in 1910 but it never improved until the 1980s

Alison, Fallon and Ian Quilietti

Ian and Alison met whilst they were both serving in the Army in the 1970s.   They married on 15th January 1977 .  Ian was serving in the Royal Signals at the time, and Alison was a Lance Corporal of the Womens Royal Army Corps.

Cap Badge with the Motto meaning Swift and Sure


The Struthers family were and still are from the Aberdeen area of Scotland.

Ian describes Alison as the love of his life and their deep affection for each other is even obvious, even today after 40 years together.

Alison, Ian and Fallon

Fallon with her granny Teresa



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