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QUILIETTI Fallon 1987

Their marriage is documented in the precious books which are kept above the Chapel amongst the archives of the Church
The Pascoli Garden makes its way towards the wee Church. The old bones from centuries ago lie beneath these pastures
The old village
Emilio Quilietti and Maria Giovanna Eletta Maddalena Brucciani were married in the Church of St. Nicoli on 1st December 1866.
Giulio centre third left. Confirmation day
Fallon with cousin Ryan taken at aunty Theresa’s 80th party
Many Qs here.  Some from Giulio line and some from Joe line.  All re-united and celebrating 80th party of  aunty Theresa
Fallon’s gran and grandad, dad and uncle

Born in South Africa and married in her ancestral village in Castelvecchio Pascoli in Barga in Italy.

STRUTHERS Line in the tree
Fallon and Andrew
and Meanwhile back in Edinburgh
Four beautiful ladies with St. Nicoli’ behind them
from inside saint Nicoli’
The Cake
Cutting the Cake
With Gran and niece
Fallon with her cousins
Alison with the Edinburgh Cake
starters at the wedding feast
Parma Ham at its very best – more starters
Just Married
Happy days
Happier Days
Bellisimo beautiful Fallon

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