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COWAN Graham

Graham Cowan

Graham Cowan

descendants of Graham Cowan

Graham with aunty Betty and cousin Grahame Q

Graham was born in Simpson’s Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh on 26th June 1958.  He is the only son of Theresa Quilietti and James Duncan Cowan.

descendants of Julio Quilietti, via Teresa and her son Graham Cowan. These children are all descendants of this line

What an Angel, age 3

Theresa had been widowed some years earlier and had four children to Sam Kelly Turner.  June born 1933, May born 1935, Brian born 1947 and David born 1954.

Eating cake in Amsterdam!!

Graham is a hairdresser and has his own premises in the southside in Edinburgh.

He married Jackie and they have two children Graham and Crystal.  Now there are many grandchildren and I would very much like to include them in this page.

Dixie, the latest addition to the Cowan family

Dixie's christening

happy days Crystal and Graham junior at their granny's house


They were married for many years before their split up five years ago.

Three generations

Dixie with her godmother Maggie Quilietti Wood


Graham with his Mum and aunty Valli

Graham was especially close with Theresa and when she died he was severely heartbroken and it took him a long time to come to terms with her passing.    He looked after his dad Von until he also passed over a couple of years ago.

Teresa was married to Sonny Quilietti. She is photographed here with Dixie and her own grandaughter Fallon

Photo taken beside great granny Valentina Quilietti Brattesani's grave in Easter Road Cemetery, Edinburgh

Graham junior has now taken over the role of the bluebeard in the family and has several children.

Crystal has married and settled down and has two beautiful boys.

needing some help here with your page Graham,

Jo with her newest brother Von and her cousin Ryan Quilietti

contact Helen please. xxx

wee Crystal

Graham age about 10

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