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John Smith

John Smith

JOHN is the son of Jeannie Quilietti and Charlie Smith.


He was born in 1951.   He married Janice McLeod

John and Janice

in the year 1970.  John served in the Royal Scots for 30 years which meant that they have travelled to many places over the last 41 years.

  • Of course the children soon came along.     They have three daughters
  • Caroline who was born on June 10th 1970.

    Caroline and her family

    Caroline married and has a son Kieran who was born in 1997.


    She has a new partner in her life now and is engaged to Maurice from Newcastle.    Keiran is currently still at school but hopes to get into college this coming year 2013.     Caroline now lives in Gorebridge in Midlothian.  She also has a new step daughter Sadie aged 5.


    Caroline is planning to get married this December 2013.


  • Tracy was born on 12th November 1971 in Tidworth in England.     Tracy currently lives with her son Jay Thomas who was born in January 1994 in Edinburgh.  Jay is currently studying online gaming.    Tracy has a daughter Ashely  Nicole who was born in 1996 in Atlanta GA USA.

    Ashely and Mia

    Ashley-Nicole Wall

    Tracy is a Manager of a care provider for the Elderly which she enjoys very much.




    Tracy with Ashley and Jay, children from her first marriage

    Tracy has two children Jay Thomas born in the year 1994.  Her daughter was  born in the year 2000.  

  • Sueann was born on 17th August 1977 which is the same birthday as her cousin Fiona Quilietti, they were born on the day Elvis died.   Sueann was born in Germany where her father was stationed at the time.

    Sueann and Mia

    Sueann is married to Matt Rochester .and they married in 2009.   Matt was born in Preston in England.   They have a beautiful daughter Mia Rochester who was born in August 2011.

    Matt Rochester

    Sueann is the director of an animation company in Edinburgh and currently lives in dunfermline in Fife.

    Sueann with Tracy and Mia

    Sueann and Matt



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  1. Tracey Smith says:

    Hi Helen its Tracey Caroline was born in 1970 I was born in 1971 and sueann was born in 1977.. close xx

  2. Caroline says:

    Hi Helen

    Ive just seen this website its amazing… I’m Caroline Smith, John’s oldest daughter and the birthdates are wrong i was born 10th June 1970 and Tracey was born 12 November 1971 and Sueann was 17th August 1977 hope this info helps


  3. Helen says:

    Caroline I need help to build your dad’s side and put all information on his webpage. can any of you three help me out, Caroline, Kerryanne or Tracey. You can e.mail me on

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