The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage


Sara Quilietti was born on 2nd January 1982 in Simpson’s Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh.   Her father is Robert Quilietti and her mother Margaret Bain.

with Papa Robert

Three Generations

Sara with husband Graham and their daughter Rachael



Rachael with Chloe

Jeanette, 80 years young with Robert, Lisa, Sara, Rachel and Chloe



Five/One - no explanation needed


Sara and her granny JEANETTE QUILIETTI


She married Graeme John Muirhead at the John Ogilvie Roman Catholic Church in Edinburgh.

Sara with her new hubby Graame

Their reception was held in the Roxburghe Hotel in George Street.

lovely wee Rachael

Rab, Sara and Lisa

They have two beautiful daughters Rachel Margaret Muirhead who was born in January 2008.  Chloe came along in 2014

Rachel Muirhead


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