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at School

is the eldest daughter of  Robert Quilietti and his first wife Margaret Bain.

Me and my paw

   She was born at the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh on 7th August 1979.

with schoolfriends

Everyone who knows Lisa will agree that she is a vivacious [loud!!] and intelligent young lady, full of fun and vitality.

After schooling at Gylemuir Primary and Forester Secondary Schools in Edinburgh,  Lisa obtained a Degree in Community Education at Edinburgh University.  She is indeed a caring soul and has worked in several posts in schools and charities providing care and guidance to kids with behavioural or family problems.

Lisa loves to travel and has worked in Summer Camps in the U.S.A. during her Uni years.  She has also undertaken around the world trips not once, but twice.  She has visited every continent.  It was during this ‘travelling’ period that she developed a worrying habit of jumping from tall structures tied to an elastic band.

Her very favourite Country, apart from beautiful Scotland of course, is Japan.  It is reported that there are many Japanese folks wearing maroon and white scarves in her honour.


Lisa is a family orientated person and is best pal with her sister Sara.  She is also a loving Aunty Lisa to wee Rachel.

Lisa was particularly close to her ‘Grimps’, her Grandad Bobby Quilietti who sadly died in February 2011. We have Bobby to blame for Lisa’s passionate love of the Jambos.  [to those not familiar with this phrase it means the Heart of Midlothian F.C.]   Bobby was to be responsible for talking her to her very first Tynecastle Match.  She was only eleven.  But her strong attachment to this club remains today and she is probably one, if not the best, of the jambo supporters on the planet.  At Bobby’s funeral she  proudly wore the scarf that her Grimps  bought for her at that very  first match

Lisa embracing the field of glory




She is now  married to Chris Harrison,  who she has known for many years.


And so they were, thank’s Bob



Lisa Janet with Jeanette

with baby Isla

ISLA was born in April 2015

Isla Harrison   Mum’s water broke at Tynecastle Stadium during a match.   Her great-grandad Bobby Quilietti would have been bursting with Pride and would have laughed at the circumstances.


Beautiful Isla

Daddy’s girl

Lisa’s wee story

Happy Days

3 months old



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