The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Margaret 1955


  • Sister we’ve been through life’s sorrows and pain
  • But together as a family we have somehow endured the strain
  • We’ve argued and bickered and sometimes made each other mad
  • But if you were not my sister life would be so sad
  • We’ve had good laughs together and also some great fights
  • Sometimes for no reason, we didn’t really know why
  • But when we are not together our Bond is still as strong
  • And because we are sisters we know when something is wrong
  • And years ago in Niddrie when we were still quite small
  • we’ve whispered our deepest fears and secrets that only sisters could share
  • Maggie I love you dearly because you really care
  • So whether we don’t speak for months or if its every day
  • You’re my very special sister so dear within my heart




Margaret wedding day


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