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  1. Helen says:

    Hello thanks for your post Lucia. I will go into the pages now and try and sort out the names. If you send a photo of yourself I can also insert into the page. Can you clarify the heading of the page please. Thanks

  2. Phyllis Isgrigg says:


    I’m writing my family history and I have a ggrandfather from Barga. Would it be okay if I use some of your old photos/postcards of Barga? I’m putting together a book and I don’t think it will ever leave my immediate family, but you never know.

    Phyllis Isgrigg

  3. Helen says:

    My photos are all free photos so you are welcome. Who is your family

  4. lisa marchi says:

    Hello! Thank you for your website. I find the history of Italy so interesting. I have heard that my great grand parents were forced to leave now I know why. My family is from Tiglio, Barga and they were figurine makers. Ranieri Marchi and his brother Lorenzo came to this country in 1886, they were figurine makers and I think that Lorenzo worked for Caproni brothers. They left from Le Haure, France, there were 28 and I noticed that a Guiletti was on the list. Some others were Gonnella, Biagiotti, and Chiappa. I don’t know if you have this passenger list but I can show you.
    Merry Christmas!
    Lisa Marchi

  5. Helen says:

    Thank you Lisa for your most interesting comment, just opened this morning after the festivities. How wonderful that you have this passenger list as I have been trying to ascertain how our branch arrived in Scotland. We know that their uncle was also a figurine maker Pietro Donati and that the Guiletti/Quilietti brothers travelled to Scotland with him at theis time 1886. How fantastic if this is the list. Can you please e.mail me on I will also send you a short e.mail as well



  7. Helen says:

    grazie per la vostra offerta di aiuto Mi piacerebbe vedere le tue informazioni. Se preferisci puoi contattarmi su e.mail Grazie mille.

  8. Grant MacFarlane says:

    My grandfather came from Barga. His name was Giovanni Brucciani. He emigrated to England in the early 20th C and married an English girl called Winifred Graham. He owned cafes around England and 1 in Morecome.

    He had two children; Pauline and Antonio. He died in 1943 in Glasgow.

  9. My father was Felix Giacopazzi Jacobs, born 1902 to Filomena Brattesani and Ernesto Giacopazzi, Salt Lake CIty, Utah, USA.. The were married in Telluride Colorado. All of the seven other children were born in California.
    I just returned from a funeral in California of our cousin Eileen Jacobs McDaniel, 82. There I saw a few photos I had never seen before. I am not sure how to post them.

    I also visited Rovinaglia last September with two cousins and met Catterina Brattesani, who I believe lived in Scotland for maybe 20 years

  10. Helen says:

    Hello Grant, and thanks for leaving your comment. Would love to hear more from you regarding your ancestors as perhaps we have a common ancestor. You can connect via . So good to hear from you

  11. Helen says:

    Just found this one Lynn. Hope you received the e.mail I tried to send earlier. Looking forward to seeing you in June

  12. Kathleen Howard/Smith says:

    Hi I am currently tracing my family ancestry. It would appear that my Aunt Agnes was married to Nardo Quileitti. I have some cousins who I haven’t had any contact since my wedding in 1972,they were quite young and their father was an American so I am assuming they went to America.My cousins mother Aunt Ann was younger sister to Agnes. I believe her married name is Ann Lynch and one of her daughters was called Roxanne Lynch, she probably is married, has anyone of that name ever posted here please.
    Many thanks Kath Howard

  13. Helen says:

    Would love to hear more from you. Perhaps we are related

  14. Helen says:

    Barbara I am sure I did reply to this most fascinating post. I am sure with names like Conti and Giovanelli in our trees we are somehow linked via a strand of the spaghetti.

  15. Danielle says:

    Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone still registered with this site as I have a few questions regarding DiPlacido family tree?

  16. Helen says:

    best to go on the fantastic facebook page of the Cassino Italian Immigrants. They have heaps of information on the family links from Cassino of which the di Placido were amongst

  17. Stuart Hayward says:


    I am trying to trace my ancestor Cosimi COSIMI, born around 1795.
    We believe he was born in Barga, certainly Tuscany.

    He left on a figurine campaign, eventually settling and marrying in Bristol, England.
    He married 1824, died 1875.

    I wonder if you could help, or direct me to some?



  18. Helen says:

    The Barga Genealogy Group would be your very best bet. For a small amount you have access to all the genealogy files in the region. I joined a few years back and have found so much information. You can do a yearly or lifetime membership and it is worth every penny. Remember of course that all the records are in Italian

  19. craig brannan says:

    I came across your website from a link on Ancestry. I’m thrilled to read all of the family history you’ve uncovered about my past. Thank you for all your hard work. I would love to find out exactly how we are related. Please contact me if you’d like to proceed. Thanks again, huge break through for me.


  20. Helen says:

    Hello and thank you for your comment. My husband Denis Madigan Stanton’s family is the link through to your lines. You can send me your link on your ancestry tree and I can see if I can unravel the maze. thanks Helen

  21. Doreen says:

    Hi, i was extremely pleased to see all the information that you have collated on Greenside Place Scotland. I wondered if you would be so kind to help me , my 3x gt grandfather Alexander Russell lived in 9b Greenside Place in 1851 , i see that you had relatives living at number 9.
    Do you have any information on this actual address.

    Regards Doreen

  22. Helen says:

    9b would be the basement flat of the No. 9 tenement. The photograph on the site shows where No. 9 was, just along from the Playhouse and Napiers shoe repair shop would have been part of the tenement as well

  23. Carina says:

    Hi Helen,
    ACCETTOLI- Fusco line
    I have just been made aware, that a message was left by a old friend named ‘Karsten’ back in May 2018. Is there any other way I may request a message to be sent to his emailaddress? Thank you

  24. Linda Solway says:

    Hi. I am trying to trace my Gargaro ancestry. I have my grandmother Florence Valentina Gargaro (1894-1940) (not sure where). Married John Solway (1881-1946) in Derby, England in 1915, Listed as living with them is a Francis Gargaro whom I assume is her father. He? is listed as being a shopkeeper in 1925. Florence had two children, my father Arthur Francis Michael Solway and John Patrick Solway. I am struggling to further back than that. If anyone can fill in the missing pieces that would be great.

  25. Helen says:

    Am sure the family originated from the same area in Italy as the Fusco family which would be around the Cassino area and surrounding villages. I have approved your post Linda and hopefully there will be someone out there who perhaps has a link for you. I can access the Scottish archives with ease but not so much the English ones.

  26. Margaret taylor says:

    My grandfather was Giovanni Brattesani there are a couple of things in the family history that are not correct, Giovanni had 10 children he did not have one called Anna.
    Also Manigildo was born in Cellardyke in James Street. Also my Aunt Maria lived and died
    in Edzell where her and my UNcle David had a cafe and shop
    The rest of the history seems correct. My mother was Teresina(Ena) she would have been 100 if she was still alive in 2019 , she died in 1989, and my father died in 1976 he was just 60 years

  27. ricard says:

    Hi I am wondering how Stan Olivieri from the Wirral near Liverpool ic connected to this site ?

  28. Helen says:

    Thank you so much Margaret. will give you a separate e.mail. Have sorted all but a couple of facts.

  29. Stacey Rutherford says:


    I spoke with Helen back in 2017 when I was starting to trace my family tree. My gran was the daughter of Peter and Margaret Bratisani. It would be lovely to learn a lot more about the Quiiletti /Brattisani family as my gran is no longer here for me to ask her .

    Many Thanks

  30. Jacqueline Finesilver (nee Corio) says:

    In your Demarco Line information you include thios: ‘Antonio Demarco married Maria Giuseppa Corio. She was affectionately known as Peppina. She was born in 1862 and died in 1915 at 24 Corporation Buildings in Portobello. Her father was Antonio Corio, a farmer from Italy. Their son Carmino Demarco was born at 141 High Street, Dunbar on 11th August 1901.’

    I have noticed in the 1888 Register of Population for Picinisco that there is an Antonio Corio, farmer, wife Maria (nee Capocci), daughter Maria Luigia.

    Is this him? If so, do you have any more information on this Antonio Corio?

    My GGF was a Corio from Picinisco. His sister Elena married a Demarco. He had a nephew who called Antonio Corio. But I do not know what their relationship might have been to your ancestor.

    I am so impressed by your family research. And so envious.


  31. Helen says:

    Hello and first of all thank you very much for leaving such an informative comment. It is always great to hear from distant relations. Looking at the tree from the connected surnames I think there is much more than one coupling of the Demarco and Corio famiies. I have on my own tree that Maria also had a sister Anna Vincenza who married Giovanni Boni. It seems she had her first child in Italy, probably before she wed. When she married Giovanni all the rest of the children were named Corio and not Boni. This family landed in Edinburgh. Think your Antonio in Picinisco was married to Tomasina Capocci. She may well have had a Maria in there thrown in for good luck. i Will endeavour to do a bit more work on this side. Meanwhile someone out there may have all the answers rolled into one

  32. Jacqueline Finesilver (nee Corio) says:

    Thank you very much for the information on the Antonio Corio/Tomasina Capocci. There are various Corio/Demarco/Capocci couplings in Picinisco, Scotland and London.
    I shall share this latest with a Corio cousin who has a better head for heights than I when it comes to family trees.
    Research has not been helped by the fact that my Grandfather Joseph Corio (from Hammersmith) did not speak about his childhood and background. We cousins have our suspicions and some circumstantial evidence as to why this was so.
    Thank you again and thank you in advance for any further information.

  33. Dominic Martin says:

    Hi – I was browsing the internet for something completely different and came across this. My Grandma was Mary Innes (one ‘s’) who is mentioned here. I’m interested to know more
    About the site thank you.

  34. Helen says:

    She was the daughter of Andrew Stanton and Maria Whelahan. that would make you third or so cousins with Denis Madigan Stanton here. If you could let me know where her family ended up etc. I could do a dedicated page for your line. That would be just brilliant.

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