The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI David 1958

David Quilietti is the son of Giulio Quilietti and Irene Park  David was born on 28th February 1958 in Simpson’s Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh.

David at the front with his mum Irene, his brother Alan and Alan's two children Sarah and Christopher
David Qulietti with his brother Alan, his Mum Irene and Sarah and Chris.

The family are steeped in the history of Hibernian Football Club and Alan played for the Club for a while. David’s hobby was always with the Hibernian Club on a Saturday and he and Alan would attend whenever they could.

Here are the clan enjoying an afternoon at Easter Road in Edinburgh.

David and Isabel in beautiful Roma

David  married Isabella Coulter in St. James’ Parish Church in Falkirk on 27th December 1979.    Isabella had been married before but unfortunately things did not work out so well for her at this time.  So they separated and finally divorced.   Fortunately she had two lovely children from the marriage.  Lorna and Colin.  After their marriage David took on the father’s role and brought up the pair from their formative years.

Lorna married an Irishman Peter Anthony Hendron.   They met whilst both working abroad in Dubai and later returning to Peter’s home in Northern Ireland where they settled.  Their three children Eilidh, Liam and Ceira have the most wonderful personalities and are a source of joy to their family.

Colin joined the army and moved away from an early age.  He married on 31st March 1984 to Karen Wassell.  They have two daughters Nikkie who was born in 1987, and in 2018 she presented Isabel with  a new Great- Grandson Jacob. There is also Carli Scott and she has a daughter – name unknown

Issie is still very much part of our family as are Lorna, Peter and the lovely bairns.  The family and their constant stories keep us going as do the exploits of Peter.

David and Isabel were the folks who were responsible for starting me  off on this family history quest.  Like myself they were interested in the history of the Quilietti family and they  visited Tuscany on many occasions.  They visited Castelvecchio Pascoli and met the Don Bencevenni  with Helen in 2004.   Another time they visited Vorno, just outside Lucca, the village where Leonardo Quilietti was born.   

After their split David married a Canadian girl called Chris MacLean whose family originally came from Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland.  Chris’s family had  emigrated to Canada some years before but like so many other immigrants they are steeped in the history of Scotland and their love of the Country lives on.   Chris plays the drums and her brother the pipes.

Amsterdam again
Amsterdam again and again and again
Alan Grace and Sarah
RIP Alan and Guilo

Things however were to change for us all when David and Isobel announced their separation.

with the Don Bencevenni.  He was the Priest of St. Nicolo’ for many years and just before he died in 2018 he had celebrated his 70 years as the local Priest.  The village celebrated for him even although he was unable to attend because of ill health.  Don Bencevenni was a true gentleman and allowed us to look at the precious books and take the photographs we needed.  He also took us on a mini adventure up a nearby mountain to have lunch, even although he kept falling asleep during the journey. Great memories for a wonderful man RIP

Chris was originally from Port Elgin, Ontario.  Studied Sociology at The University of Western Ontario .

David has a new career now.  He makes bagpipes and Scottish Jewellery, much of which is exported back to Scotland to sell here.

David and Chris married on September 8th 2012 in London, Ontario, Canada

Wedding day
Chris with David
NO COMMENT……Look at the bottles
In Edinburgh February 2018 with the Menace

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