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David Quilietti is the son of Giulio Quilietti and Irene Park  David was born on 28th February 1958 in Simpson’s Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh.

in beautiful Roma

The Ponte Vecchio. We all climbed the bridge.

He married Isabella Coulter in St. James’ Parish Church in Falkirk on 27th December 1979.    Isabella had two children from her previous marriage, Lorna and Colin.  David took on the father’s role and brought up the pair from their formative years.

Colin joined the army and moved away from an early age.  He married on 31st March 1984 to Karen Wassell.  They have one daughter Nikkie who was born in 1987.

Waiting for the Don

Lorna married a brilliant guy Peter Anthony Hendron.   They met whilst both working abroad and later returning to Peter’s home in Northern Ireland where they settled.  Their three children Eilidh, Liam and Ceira have the most wonderful personalities and are a source of joy to their family.

David and Issie played a great part  in compiling the Quilietti family history with Helen and Carel.

Pissed in Artimino - great fun was had by all with jugs of local wine and bacardi served in pint glasses. This is true.

They were keen to probe our family’s roots and visited Tuscany on many occasions.  They visited Castelvecchio Pascoli and met the Priest in the St. Nicoli Church..   They also went on a quest to Vorno and visited the old cemetery searching for clues about Leonardo’s birth.   They were part of our family holiday when we all visited Tuscany for all the above reasons. For this we all salute you.

David and Robert's supper. They travelled down the mountain one very wet stormy Tuscan night and came back with our supper.......also true.

Their marriage split was very sad for all concerned as we love David and Isobel both very much.

Issie is still very much part of our family as are Lorna, Peter and the lovely bairns.  The family and their constant stories keep us going as do the exploits of Peter.

David has now found a new life in London, Canada.  He has remarried and settled in very well to this new environment.   He was last in Scotland when his father Giulio died at the latter part of 2009.





in Roma

with the Don



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