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QUILIETTI Christopher 1995

Christopher Alan Quilietti  is the son of Alan Quilietti and Grace Margaret McGarvey.  He was born on 19th July 1995 in Falkirk. He now works with the BBC and has a blog called The Ginger Guy [2018].

Alan and Grace Quilietti with daughter Sarah Ann
a young Chris with one of his two childhood passions
with celebrities

Chris attended  St. Mungo’s R.C. School in Falkirk.  From here he became interested in broadcasting and helped out for a while at Radio Royal.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE GINGER GUY which is Chris’s Blog

Congratulations to Radio Royals latest Presenters 02/12/11

A big congratulations to Lee Tait and Chris Quilietti on passing their test tapes and becoming official Radio Royal presenters live on air! Catch Lee from 6-9pm on a Saturday night and Chris from 8-11am on Sunday mornings. Check out our presenter page for more information on the latest editions, we hope you are as pleased with them as we are!

Chris with mum Grace

Chris is now working with the BBC.

Parents and sister
Chris and sister Sarah Ann with their Granny Quilietti.
at the Edinburgh Festival
Enjoying the moment
Sinatra meets Sid Vicious
Chris Quilietti
The One Show
Cousin Robert Quilietti with the ‘old’ Dr. Who David Tennant. David’s aunt Mary photographed here is Robert’s fiance’
more celebs

Chris now works with the BBC where he is a Content Assistant.

with Mary BerryBBC Music Awards
with Bryan Burnett

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  1. harrison says:

    looking good chris!

  2. Julia says:

    Hey Chris. Back in November you got me a guest ticket to see Breaking the News in Glasgow. I sat next to your parents. 🙂 I had googled you so I would know who to look for when I got there (between the lines: I’m not just Internet stalking you). I’m finally clearing out the about 150 tabs I had open in Safari on my phone, and found your picture again. I wanted to say thank you again for helping make a total stranger’s birthday so much fun. I had so many great experiences in Scotland and was surprised again and again by the genuine friendliness I encountered as a solo traveler. My thanks to you, to Jay and to your wonderful country!
    All the best,

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