The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI, Joseph 1947 Greek line

Joseph Quilietti is the son of Arthur Amelio Quilietti and Adrianna Thuro. Adrianna was affectionately known to all the family  as Aunty Dina.

Joseph's parents on their wedding day in Greece
Joseph’s parents on their wedding day
Cousins Joseph and Jean.  Taken 2018 at the sad occasion of his father’s Wake

The couple met when Arthur was in the Army during the 2nd World War.  He was despatched to Greece where he met the young and lovely Adrianna or Dina in Salonika .   Their romance blossomed and they married on Seventh April 1947.


Dina was born in 1929 and her father’s name was Penagioti Thuro and described as a Shepherd.  Witnesses were Lulla Markadonna Tu and Jack Higgins.  She lived at an address Dagkh 2 in Salonika

The city of Salonika is located in northern Greece. After the invasion and occupation of Greece in April 1941, Salonika was included in the German occupation zone. The city was occupied by German forces in early April.  This part of Greece was a hostile environment at the time and it was a home to a large Jewish population.  As you can imagine the area was targeted by the Germans and many died or were taken to the camps



It was on 18th July 1947 that Joseph arrived in the UK via the Empress of Australia sailing from Port Said in Egypt to Liverpool in England.

The Ship manifest
Joseph Quilietti onboard from Salonika to Liverpool and then on to Edinburgh to 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace to live with his Granny Quilietti
This wonderful photo was taken at the wedding of BOBBY QUILIETTI and JEANETTE HENDERSON.  Arthur Quilietti is centre kneeling alongside the children. Son  Joseph is second from the left standing proudly.  Fourth from left is Diane Thuro.  This photograph was taken outside 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace in Edinburgh.  There are many family members here including cousins Jean and Ernie Quilietti, Aunty Annie Quilietti, Giulio and Irene Quilietti and not forgetting Granny Jeannie Quilietti in the centre with her sister.

Arthur and Dina’s marriage lasted a few years but unfortunately they divorced in the late 1950s.

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