The Quilietti Family

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Helen Rae Quilietti, daughter of Isabella Brown and Arthur Quilietti.


She married Andy McCartney, her childhood sweetheart and they had two children

Helen with Lisa at family wedding 2009 


David McCartney was born on May 23rd 1971.  He  attended Liberton High School and Telford College.   He is now a joiner by trade.  He is married and has a lovely wee boy called Samuel who was born in 2009.

Lisa McCartney was born on April 19th 1974 .

Lisa McCartney

Lisa with her husband

Lisa with Scott

Lisa and Scott's children, Emma and Scott

Lisa's family

Taken on the day of Samuel's birth - with Davie McCartney

Beautiful wee Samuel

Davie with Samuel

Emma Thomson with Aunty Kim Quilietti and uncle Gregg

Helen Rae Quilietti McCartney


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  1. Jack Boutin says:

    My wife is a Rae. She has traced ancestry to Italy and Scotland. The Rae family in Italy was big into ice cream. Just wondering if your name “Rae” is a family name, and if so, can you give us a little geneology history?

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