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The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Jean Smith 1942

The eldest granddaughter of Joseph Emilio Quilietti and Jeannie Boyle.

Jean Smith,

daughter of Annie Quilietti and Tom SmithJean  is the eldest grandchild of Joseph Angelo Quilietti and Jeannie Boyle.  She was born on the 17th February 1942

Jean on her 70th birthday

Jean is a hairdresser by trade.   Her first marriage, pictured here was to Graham Philip who was born on 7th January 1935.  They married on 2nd September 1962  and many of our Quilietti family attended the wedding as you can see from the photo below.

They had two sons.  Colin, the eldest, was born on 3rd March 1968 . Steven was born on the 15th February 1969.

Jean with Stevie and Dot

Cousin Jean with her two boys Colin and Steven

Jean’s wedding to Graham. Many Quilietti’s here. Joe and Peggy, Bobby and Jeanette, Granny Quilietti, Margaret and Bobby Quilietti, Ernie Smith, and many more

Steven has memories of visiting Granny Quilietti when she lived in her house in Niddrie. At this time Granny was bed-ridden and in bad health.  She loved when her family visited and loved nothing better than frightening the living daylights out of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.   On one such visits Jean had left them in care of Grandma whilst she went to the shops.  When the boys were quietly behaving and sitting at the foot of her bed she enjoyed the moment by sitting up and screeching at the top of her voice.  Watching their re-action to the corpse like granny would be one of the highlights of her day.    She really had a great sense of humour.  Granny died in the year 1972.

Steven has four children.

Stevie’s family

Sean was born on 28th April in 1989.  His mum is Lynda McConnachie.

Lovely photo of Stevie with Dorothy

  • The photograph above is a picture of Steven and Dot at Sean’s wedding to Karen Duffy.  Their children are Lucas {6 April 2008}  and Ethan [2013 }
  •  Lucas and Ethan are  the seventh great-grandsons  of Leonardo Quilietti.  And  the  line  lives  on
  • Jean with grandson Sean on his wedding day

    Stevie with his grandsons Lucas and Ethan

    Stevie and Sean

  • Kelly Ann Philip was born on 4th May 1992 – her mum is Dorothy Audsley
  • Jean with grandaughter Kelly-Anne

  • Alex [Alexandria] Philip was born on 5th January 1994 –
  • Connor Philip was born on 5th June 1996. –

    Dot with Connor and Alex

    Stevie with family

Kelly Ann and Connor

Steven attended Broxburn Academy and then he studied at Glasgow University.  He joined the armed forces [late 80s early 90s] and served with the Royal Scots.  He served with his mum’s  first-cousin John Smith at this time.

At University Stephen  studied and became a Fitness Instructor [you can see this by his picture below].

He worked in Gyms in the Falkirk/Grangemouth areas.  Now semi-retired Stephen  enjoys his work as a Tattoo-artist and you can find him at there are a small amount of his fantastic art.

Colin Philip.  Colin is a Joiner to Trade.  He was married for a while but they divorced later.  He has no children to date.

Jean with her grandaughters

Girls just wanna’ have fun

Colin has no children to date.

Jean’s marriage to Graham ended sadly in divorce.   She remarried on 2nd July 1989 to Jim Wright .  

with Jim

She and Jim  left Scotland to stay with her brother Ernie for a few years but they have now returned to Scotland.  Graham Philip died on 6th August 2002. Jim has also now recently passed on.  Recollections of Jim are of a gentle man who made Jean very happy.  They enjoyed a few years in South Africa with family before Jim fell ill.  They then returned to Scotland.

Jim with uncle Bobby at a family gathering many years ago


Ethan is Sean’s son

Stevie and Ethan

Thank you Steven for helping me fill in some of the blanks in your family.

So once again thanking Steven for sending on these photographs. Hopefully with his help we can keep updated for future years.

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