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WALKER/Reid family connections

From Ayrshire to Australia another branch extending from the Pinkerton Walker line here in Scotland.

The Head of the Tree


We can see here the Pinkerton\Walker connections with a few Thomsons thrown in for good luck.  Through the children of James Walker and Margaret Pinkerton and their branches have all gone their separate paths but amazingly enough there are enough of their ancestors from each branch who are interested in genealogy.  Amazing.  Usually you have one, or maybe two but we are finding more and more and all connected back to these two folks.

So through our DNA connections in May 2017 Helen had contact from Australia re an DNA Hit.  So here we are, fourth cousins, and with this lovely story to tell about the family.  At first it was Maggie who contacted me and she then put me on to her daugher Lisa.


with daughter Margaret and her children

Jane Reid Wells


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