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QUILIETTI Boyle connections

This page can only be for ancestors of Joseph Angelo Quilietti.  It was Joe who married Jeannie Boyle and through this line we are connected with the very Irish Boyle surname and the Pinkerton Walker lines beyond that.

My great grandad James Boyle’s marriage to Annie Kay

Jeannie Boyle’s dad was born on May 3rd 1857 in the mining village of Garsherrie in Lanarkshire.

James Boyle’s birth in May 1857

James’s father was also James Boyle and his occupation was a furnace keeper in the coalmines.   His mother was Jean Walker.

This occupation was also to become James’ when he was probably a small boy.

James went on to marry Roseanne Smith Kay  who was a widow.  Roseanne was born in London.   Roseanne already had two children when they married in 1900.  Her eldest daughter was Ellen Smith who was born in 1891 and Rose Anne Smith who was born in 1897.

Then along came our Granny, Jane Boyle born in 1901 and Jemima who was born in 1904.

James Boyle, our great grandfather worked in the mines of Lanark until he died very suddenly on an outing to Glasgow on 19th September 1917.

James Boyle’s death in Glasgow 1917

His nephew James Muir was with him at the time .   This document also gives us his address at the time of his death as Railway Terrace in Coalburn.

Going back now to James Boyle’s parents.   They were James Boyle and Jane Walker .   Jane was born in Swine in Ayrshire circa 1824 and James in Lanarkshire 1821.

James was the son of

Luke Boyle and Betsy McLauchlin

McLaughlin Family history


The Mclauchlin family are steeped in the history of County Donegal and can be traced back to the year 379 A.D

Luke and Betsy were married in Old Monklands in Lanark in the year 1821.   Luke’s father was also called James Boyle and he was born in Ireland.

Going back to our great great grandfather James who married Jean or Jane Walker.   Their marriage was fruitful and they had at least 12 children    Some of these offspring had the same names as their siblings, indicating that there was a couple of their children who had died young.

So there was  Jane, Anne, Luke then another Anne.   Then came another Luke, Elizabeth,  Henry, James, Mary and Margaret.

Jane Boyle was the sister who married into the Muir family and whose son was with our James when he died in 1917.

Luke Boyle married Agnes Smith and they settled in Shotts where he died in 1891.

Elizabeth Boyle, or Betsey as she was known married into the Brown family and they emigrated to New South Wales.  Their family are still there today.   Helen [author] has met up with  a descendant of this line in Edinburgh in 2011.

The 1851 Scottish census shows James and Jane living in Bo’ness West Lothian and working in the Iron Works there.

By 1961 with the arrival of more children they resided at 3 Flat Row in Shotts and still working in the Iron works.

The 1871 Scottish census shows the family living at 42 Muirhead Road in Shotts, Lanarkshire.  They had moved from Bo’ness in West Lothian to Dalry in Ayrshire and  Shotts and Gartersherrie in Lanarkshire following work and settling in the villages of  Ayrshire and Lanarkshire,  James worked in both the Iron Works and the Mines, just wherever he could find work really.

In the year 1874 Jane was killed in Storringshaw Pit in Lanarkshire.   We know it was some kind of accident but there was no cause of death on the official document.

Jane Walker’s death showing her parents names

The 1891 census tells another story, Jane was now deceased and James was living with his daughter Jane and her husband James Muir and their family.   He was now 70 and still working as a miner.   The address was 56 Coal Row in Shotts in Lanarkshire


This line of the Walker Family were also from the Lanarkshire region of Scotland.   We also have Walker’s related through Margaret Walker Morrison’s line [my mum].

James Walker, my 3rd great grandfather was born in Abbey, Paisley in Renfrew on 18th October 1779.  He married Mary Pinkerton circa 1800 and their children came along like stepping stones.

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