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Amelio Quilietti later became known as Amelio Brunton

The photographs here were presented to us by Amelio’s grandaughter Suzanne who is now helping us compile this page.   It is with great affection that we welcome Suzanne into the family as she knows none of her Quilietti cousins.  It is her hope that some of Nardo’s descendents will see this page and be in touch.

Amelio Quilietti was born on 17th August 1912 at 13 Union Place, which is at the top end of Leith Walk, just beside the Cathedral where his parents had married on 9th April that  same year.  One year later Philomena Louisa was born.   Then came the war years which had so much to answer for.  Their third child Catherine was not born until 1917.

It was in the year 1920 that Susan Tully Quilietti  had her fourth child John Redford Graham Quilietti.   This son was however not the natural son of Nardo but to another man John Charles Graham.

Amelio who was just a small boy of 7 or 8 would have experienced the tragic break up of his parents’ marriage.

This would have had a profound affect on your Amelio and would perhaps explain why he joined the army at a tender age.A quiet moment in the life of MELIO

It was in the year 1933 that he married Charlotte Mary Jones Millar.

Suzanne Brunton, daughter of Amelio Quilietti

Amelio was affectionately called MELIO by his own mother and by his siblings.

Amelio Quilietti with three of his kids, Suzanne, Jay and wee Ronnie at the front

After Amelio and Charlotte’s  marriage Melio started to call himself by the name of  William Brunton, perhaps as a sign of the turbulant times which were stirring in Europe.

However when Amelio’s sisters visited him at his home with his new  family they would  revert back to his nickname MELIO , much to the annoyance of Charlotte!

Amelio and Charlotte  had four children, Robert, Ronald, Suzanne  and Jay.

Susanne and Jay

We know that Amelio visited his aunt Valentina and took his children with him.  Valentina was a beautiful lady not only on the outside, but also inside.   She had time for all her large family and is remembered with great fondness with all branches of our tree.

Amelio with baby Susanne and her mum Suzanne, three generations

During the War years he served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.  He was onboard the Lancastria which was sunk in 1940 and according to his grandaughter Suzanne he was believed to be dead for many years.   The official site of the Lancastria below will show the horrow of what he experienced.   He did very well in the Army and became a Sergeant Major during his years of service.  The family lived in the east end of Glasgow for a while, later moving through to Stirling.

Enjoying the Guinness on his birthday This photograph was taken in the year 2002 on the birthday of Amelio who is third from the left.  Three of his children are here, Suzanne,  Ronnie and Robert.   Amelio looks just like his father Nardo.   Both Amelio and Nardo enjoyed a long life.   Amelio died on June 10th 2008.

Nardo and Susan on their wedding day. Louisa Brattisani Costella, Nardo's aunt is seated to the left. Valentina Quilietti is on the right. Giulio Quilietti, the best man is standing. The young girl at the front is Susan's young sister.

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  1. Helen says:

    A plea to all the descendents of Leonardo to be in touch. Amelio’s descendents are trying to contact the descendents of Nardo’s family with Maggie Williamson. That would be Mario, Leonardo, Georgina and Alveria Quilietti and their offspring.

    Please be in touch with Helen via her e.mail or by just posting a note on any page. Thank you Helen

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