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We dedicate this page to Paddy Morrison, daughter of Angus Morrison and mother of Scott and Lindsey Morrison.

Paddy with daughter Lindsey

Patricia was born in the year 1952

Paddy's Family Tree

The Morrison Clan in Scotland have two distinct branches.   Our branch are from the Aberdeen area and quite separate from the Morrisons from the Western Isles.   They derive from ‘Son of Maurice’ whilst the Morisons/Morrisons from Western Isles have origins from Donegal in Ireland.  Both families however originate from the Norse but they settled in different areas of Scotland.  The Morrison clan claim their descent can be traced to Olaf the Black, King of Man.

Paddy spent her formative years brought up in the Niddrie area of area.   This area at the time was home to many branches of the family who had escaped the squallor of the Old Town and the Canongate.


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