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MORRISON Gus’s line1898

We will dedicate this page to the family of  Gus Morrison born 1898, son of Angus Morrison 1871

 Angus Morrison and my own grandfather Alex. Morrison were brothers.    The Morrison family we can trace back many generations.   Here is a quick snapshot of the Morrison line.

My great-grandfather  Angus Morrison was born in Edinburgh Castle on 28th August 1871, son of George Morrison and Elizabeth Cowie.     Angus married Margaret Kathleen Brady on 1st December 1893.


The 1911 census tells us that the Angus Morrison, his wife Margaret Brady and their  family were living at 1 Milne’s Court, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh.   There were 8 family members, including uncle James Morrison, Angus’s younger brother, who was visiting on the night of the Census.   James Morrison  was a bricklayer by trade and this has been the Morrison’s trade all throughout the 1900s and beyond.  He was born in Forfarshire in Dundee in the year 1874.

Gus Morrison with his cousins John and Eddie. Joe Quilietti is also here

The census shows that Angus Morrison had five children at this time

1911 census

Marion was their eldest daughter and she worked as an umbrella maker.    Does anyone in the family remember her.?

Angus was the eldest  son born in 1898.   This is Gus’s line to whom this page is dedicated.

Alex was next born in 1903.   This is my grandfather -[ Helen Quilietti Stanton]

John was next born in 1909.   What happened to this John Morrison, can any of our family out there remember him?

then Annie who was only 6 months old at the time of the census.   Again no further information of her.

There was also a George Morrison who was born in 1900 as is shown in his birth certificate below

Birth George Morrison 1900.  WE CAN SEE THAT ANGUS was in the GORDON HIGHLANDERS


Gus’s line

Angus Morrison, not to be confused with all other  Anguses  was born in 1898.    He married and they produced ANGUS below, or Gus as was affectionately known

Gus Morrison was my mum’s, Peggy Morrison’s,  first-cousin.   Their fathers were brothers.


Mary Morrison on her Wedding day with sister Paddy and their uncle Jim

Mary and Paddy were the daughters of Gus Morrison.    Here they are photographed on Mary’s wedding day.

There was also young Gus, Tam and John Morrison, who were their their  brothers.

Margaret Findlay  married Gus.   What a beautiful photograph.

Tam Morrison

Tam Morrison

John Morrison.   John was born in 1963.

John Morrison was born in 1963.  Could John or Macie help me out here as I am unsure of their relationship.   Thanks Helen

John and Macie Morrison

John Morrison with Scott Morrison and …

Now I do remember Gus because he was at school with Denis Stanton.   Gus was born on 20th February 1949.

The Gus Morrison Clan

Tam Morrison with his son Jamie 1987

Gus Morrison today

Tam and John with their mum

Paddy’s daughters

The Morrison brothers

Scott Morrison

Connie Meadors – the Gus Morrison line. Whose daughter are you Connie?

Scott Morrison following in his great -great -great -grandfather’s footsteps-

Scott as a baby

Jamie Stuart Morrison

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  1. Linsay arthur says:

    Hi helen, the blonde girl in the photo with Scott Morrison and John Morrison is Sally Ferguson, (Mary Morrison’s daughter) my mum paddy’s sister.
    And the little girl with John and Macie Morrison is their daughter Ellie Morrison.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Lindsay

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