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MARY MORRISON was born on 20th September 1936 at the new tenements in Niddrie, top floor flat 50 Niddrie Mains Terrace, Edinburgh.  Sister to Peggy Quilietti – this is the connection with this website

As we remember them. Tam Hood with Mary Morrison

She  married  her  sweetheart TAM HOOD on 17th December 1954 at St. Giles Registrars in Central Edinburgh.

Mary Morrison with her husband Tam Hood

Her best maid was her new sister-in-law Devina Hood and the best man her brother John Morrison.  Tam was 26 when they married and Mary was a tender  18, but the 8 year age gap made no difference to the love they shared throughout their married years.  Tam’s parents were Alex. Hood and Susan Phillips [Ramsay].

Their first home was in Fountainbridge at 2 Dundee Place and this was also a top flat.  It was small with outside facilities and the first of her children were born in this home.  After the kids came along they moved to their permanent home in Stevenson Drive in Edinburgh.  They had many happy times there and it would be normal for her sisters and extended families to visit over the weekends for sing-songs and a few drinks.  They would go to her one weekend and she would go to them another.   The whole families would congregate and sleepover wherever they lay their head.   It was great fun and fondly remembered by all.  Her husband Tam is also remembered with great affection.

Great photo of the Hoodie boys c 1960

Another snap of the boys

Mary Morrison died on 3rd September 2001 age 64 years of a cartoid artery territory Stroke.   Tam had also passed away some years earlier, but I am not sure of the exact date.   Her family still miss her lovely smile and gentle personality as they do their dad Tam.

Aunty Mary Morrison

JOHNNY HOOD was the eldest of the family.   He was born in  1955 and tragically died in 2012.

Johnny photographed here with his wife Caroline.

Johnny with Caroline

with daughter Michelle

Faither and Son two Johnny Hoods

Anthony also died young in 2003

Steven came along next born in the year 1956.   Then Frankie in 1957, Tony in 1959, Susan in 1961 and Lesley in 1965.


Lesley Hood with her family. Husband Martin, daughter Steph, son Craig

Lesley Hood at her daughter Steph’s  graduation

Steph Mckay, grandaugter of Mary Morrison

Steph with her hubby Paul O’Neill and daughter Alba

Alba is Steph’s daughter

a lovely photograph Cathy Hood, Michelle Hood,  Caroline Hood, Susan Hood and Lesley, the bride herself, amongst the happy throng

Lesley Hood becomes Lesley McKay

The Hoodies. Mary, Tam and the Clan

Hood family Johnny, Susan, Caroline, Cathy – need help with the others

Mary Morrison with her daughter Susan. Guess the date by the hairstyles

Susan with Jamie

Susan again with her sons Ross and Jamie

Mary Hood with her son Tony

Susan Hood with her son Ross.

Susan Hood with grandaughter Jessica

Ross Hall, grandson of Mary Morrison

Susan with her boys Jamie and Ross Hall.

Tam Hood with daughter Susan sharing a moment

Ashley Hood’s three kids, unsure of their names. Ashley’s dad is Frankie Hood

Johnny’s daughter Michelle on her wedding day

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