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MARGARET QUILIETTI born 6th February 1955

Bonnie Maggie


  • Sister we’ve been through life’s sorrows and pain
  • But together as a family we have somehow endured the strain
  • We’ve argued and bickered and sometimes made each other mad
  • But if you were not my sister life would be so sad
  • We’ve had good laughs together and also some great fights
  • Sometimes for no reason, we didn’t really know why
  • But when we are not together our Bond is still as strong
  • And because we are sisters we know when something is wrong
  • And years ago in Niddrie when we were still quite small
  • we’ve whispered our deepest fears and secrets that only sisters could share
  • Maggie I love you dearly because you really care
  • So whether we don’t speak for months or if its every day
  • You’re my very special sister so dear within my heart
  • You’re funny, you’re kind, your precious, and  your near though we’re  apart.

Margaret Quilietti, daughter of Joe Quilietti and Margaret Walker Morrison was born on February 6th 1955 at 1.00 a.m. in Simpson’s Maternity Pavillion, Edinburgh.

Margaret Quilietti age 5

Margaret was a beautiful baby, a natural beauty and her looks would almost certainly have been inherited from her mother’s Morrison genes .  She was always a free spirit, with a mind of her own, but in spite of this she has a most loving and generous nature.

Being was the third daughter born in the family and she grew into a beautiful teenager and has many a tale to tell about her teenage years growing into a woman.

She met the love of her life Ronnie McVie when she was 16 and they married on 27th April 1973 when Margaret had  just turned 18 years old.  The wedding reception took place at Prestonfield House Hotel where their parents and best man and maid attended a lavish dinner. There are a few tales to tell about her wedding which always bring a smile to the recipiants of the stories, but which we shall not tell you today.

Ronnie was quite the young ‘mod’ and kept himself immaculate and trendy with his fairisle jumpers which were the fashion of the day.  He was a painter and decorator by trade and an articulate tradesman who liked his work to be perfectly finished off.Margaret wedding day

Their first son Joseph was born on 3rd April 1974.   Joseph tragically died on October 13th 1996 when he was only 22 years old.   They never got over the death of Joseph.

Darren was born on

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