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Josie Quilietti

JOSEPHINE QUILIETTI born 17th May  1949

Daughter of Joseph Quilietti and Margaret Morrison 4th grandaughter of Leonardo Quilietti

Has been happy with her Partner Alex. Collins for many years.

Big Eck

They have  one daughter Pauline Margaret Quilietti Steel, three grandchildren, Kieran, Connor and Mia .

Being the eldest of the family she has had to bring most of us up and for this we thank you.

A Poem for Josie my Thank You

  • You’ve always been there  for me making sure I was o.k.
  • The one that helped me be the person I am today
  • I’ll never be able to repay you for all the things you have done for me
  • Knowing that you were there for me  when I fell and scraped my knee
  • And memories of when we were young and you were winchin’
  • When you  would line us up in a row and make us clean the kitchen
  • When we were overrun by mice way back in 72
  • You chose us a little pussy cat and that was hard to do.
  • You are my big sister, the one I admire and love the most
  • I will always be thankful  it was you and for that I will  always boast
  • I really was lucky to have a beautiful sister like you
  • You kept us right, you made us laugh and never on the brew!
  • So Josie this is my attempt to thank you for what you’ve done
  • Because I really love you dearly, you are my number one.
  • Age 4 at wedding

    Me age 5 1/2

    Me, age half

    Helen and Josie Quilietti

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