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MORRISON , John was born7th August 1932 at 6 Chessels Court, The Canongate, Edinburgh.  He served his National Service and this photograph is of him at that time

John in the middle

He was a bricklayer by trade and was the most colourful of the Morrison brothers.

He missed out in love at a tender age and this is what scarred him for the rest of his life really.   He never married.  He enjoyed the bachelor life to the full and enjoyed a dram, or two, or three.  Was a great uncle to his many nieces and nephews

Uncle John with Helen, Margaret and Stephen

Anyone who knew John knew that he loved Scotland.   He especially loved Rabbie Burns and his poetry.   John would not be shy in reciting Burns and everyone would shy away,  aw naw, he’s drunk again.

He and his brother Jimmy looked after Ma Morrison until her sudden death in 1981.   The brothers then moved into their own wee houses in Niddrie Mill.  John died on 22nd November 1994 of bilateral pheumonia.

We all miss John very much.

A younger John with nephew Alex, brother Alex. nieces Helen and Margaret

2 Responses to “MORRISON John”

  1. Lisa Butler says:

    I remember uncle Jimmy & John so clearly. Warm memories of me dropping my ice cream in the sand at Portobello beach and him picking it up, licking off all the sand and saving a little girls day!

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the comment Lisa. Aye John and Jimmy were surely some double Act indeed. But like yourself we share some great memories of times now gone. These were hard times and their lives reflected that.

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