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QUILIETTI Duncan Murray 1915-1974

DUNCAN QUILIETTI [Murray] born Hogmany 1916 and who died tragically in Edinburgh on 30th June 1974.

Duncan was the son of Joseph Angelo Quilietti and his first wife, an Irish girl, Catherine Jane Kelly.  They had married in January of 1916 and their son Duncan was born in the December of that year.

Duncan Murray Quilietti

After the war ended Joseph Angelo returned home and the family lived in the Greenside area of the city.   The winter of 1918 however was a severe one and Catherine died in the City Hospital of Influenza on 4th November of that year.  Joseph’s sister Valentina looked after the child from that day onwards.

Joseph remarried and made a new life without his son.

Duncan led the rest of his life as a Murray sharing in the large family that Valentina Quilietti produced and with his aunt in the role of his mother.

Duncan was tragically murdered on 30th June 1974 on his way home one evening.   He is interred in Mount Vernon Cemetery in Edinburgh and his gravestone is testament to his heritage.

Some of the younger children of Joseph Angelo did not know until that tragic day that they had a half-brother.

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