The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

MORRISON Eric Alex. 1983

Eric Alexander Morrison is the son of Derek or Eric Morrison 1960-2003 and Elizabeth Stewart 1961-2008.

The line originated in Tongue in North West Scotland where the family were well assimilated with the McKays and MacKenzies for many generations. They stayed at an area called Midtown in Tongue and they were fishermen with small crofts. The wee Church there will hold many secrets. Further back the branch were located in Durness just around the coast.

Eric’s 4th Great Grandfather

George Morrison was born in Tongue in Sutherland on 4th August 1831-1911. We find him in a couple of census’s, first in 1841 when he was 10 living in Midtown in Tongue, then again when he was 19 working on a Farm with family Munro. This was the time of the Highland Clearances so many men joined the Army to earn a living. George signed up c 1852. to the 93rd Highlanders of Foot Soldiers.

He married Elizabeth Cowie 1839-1903 in Aberdeen on October 14th 1863.

George Morrison served in the Army for most of his adult years. You can see below at the time of his son Angus’s birth in 1871 he was in the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders and after just returned from India his Battalion was based at Edinburgh Castle.

He fought in Crimea 1854-1855 and we find him in the Medal list for this. Then he served in India. There is a Medal for the year 1857-1858 for India whilst he was serving in the 93rd foot soldiers. His daughter Mary was born on another sea crossing in 1864. Then son Alexander was born in Thansi in the East Indies in 1869.

Eric’s 3rd Great Grandfather Angus Morrison

Information given by Eric’s Father-in-Law – need name Eric please

I Think he was a Regimental Policman and going by the badge on his sporran my best guess is The Gordon Highlanders I think. One of the fine Highland regiments consigned to history a long time ago and now come under the collective name, the Highlanders.The 4th Btn The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Eric, I have another theory on why he is dressed as he is. This could be the CO ( Commanding Officers stick orderly ) the way this would come about was, the camp guard would mount at 1800 the Orderly officer would inspect the guard and the smartest man would be picked to be the COs Stick Orderly, he would fall out go to the guard room and collect the white belt, normally a cross belt with a pouch on his back and a swagger stick which he has in his hand, the next day he would report to the CO’s office and sit out side his door ( no phones) if the CO wanted to send a message to some one normally the company commanders he would summons the stick Orderly put the message in the pouch on his back and off he would go with the message. The good thing about it was because you were delivering a message for the CO every one saluted you. It was a good duty to be on. If you got the stick Orderly 5 times in a row you got to keep the stick and didn’t do guards for 6 months, also the stick would have your name on it. I lost mines years ago , so I think the Grandad in the photo was a very smart Soldier.

Angus Morrison married Margaret Brady, 1877-1927. She was of Irish descent. They had 7 children, all with the same Christian Names going back through the Morrison history. Marion, Angus, George, Alex. Annie, John and Margaret.

Eric’s 2nd Great Grandfather Alex. Morrison

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