The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Morrison lockdown nonsense


Ok let’s have some fun then. The real characters in our Morrison Clan must be recorded – don’t really think that any of the later generations can contemplate just how things were then.

This recollection by Ann Marie Morrison, youngest daughter of Podge and Mary Kesson.

“Aye JOHN was defo a proud soldier like his father and forefathers !!! And a Rabble Burns expert I remember when I wee enthralled when he took the middle of floor and done a Burns recital everybody was waiting to get up every time he paused for breath to do their party piece – always a song but they all had brilliant voice . It would take Ma to tell him to sit down haha I was knee high but always remember absolutely loved it . xx”

Response from cousin Margaret Morrison, daughter of Alex. Morrison and Margaret McGovern

Lol, he was some man, Ann xx

Cousin LESLEY HOOD daughter of Mary Morrison and Tam Hood joins in

Priceless memories. Uncle John loved an audience. I remember him coming to mum and dad’s and mum going crazy as he kept going to the snooty neighbours house. Mum telling us he once pinched a coat but got caught as the label was hanging out the back. Brilliant.

Anne Marie again “

On aye did she no have a snooty pal along the road a bit ?? Tell you JOHN was worth a hundred of them . I can’t be doing with these people who look doon their noses and forget where they come from . It’s what’s inside that counts and a gentleman was inside all of Ma’s sons – Your Dad was a gentleman too I didn’t see them loads Stevenson Drive was like another country and nobody in Niddrie Mains Terrace had passports .!! xx

I remember my Dad won a fiver on spot the ball in the evening news . Uncle John went to Aunty Ellen’s for a loan she chased him told him Mary and Podge had struck it big – haha typical Ellen. She phoned my Mum at night and they couldn’t stop laughing. Well John went – he got Shep – his dug – and walked over the burn through the fields and every bit shit. Shep would find his way, all the way to Moredun. My mum and dad hadna’e a clue. My Mum made him eat tattie soup pieces. ” I’ll eat the lot” he told her. I’m getting flung out of my house and need rent money today. They gave him what they had but, John being John, he wanted to know where Uncle Eddie was before he went home. So my Dad walked John and Shep to the bus stop home. Eddie came to us on Sunday to see my Dad about a job. As they gave him a couple of hot rolls he said ” Youse will never guess who turned up a my door with smelly shitty dug and a couple of deid flours he pulled oot my neighbour’s gairden and said these are for Joyce . Haha what an absolute legend .

Ann Marie continues

By the end of that story was my dad won a fiver and lost twenty quid and I know Uncle Eddie did too . Afterwards my Mum and Aunty Joyce laughed aboot it. Sheila could laugh about it later cause she said to Mary about whilst she and Raymond were galavanting trying to pay John’s bloody rent money John was doing his usual antics and saying that he and Shep well nobody was putting them out their Hoose ha ha – God that dug had some outings I’m sure he was a Morrison wedding or two !! –

I remember my Mum and Aunty Mags were bowling laughing talking about the old days . My Dad and Alex were working and mum said to my dad how come you never bring me a present Alex got Mags beautiful cakes home from a bakers ? My Dad said aye well I’ll buy you a beautiful cake if you dinae want any wages what Mags doesnae ken is next week’s wages is in the bookies no the bakers. Alex just got a sub on next week’s wages .Too true when they were younger and working together on job Alex said to to my Dad Podge could you ask the gaffer if I get a sub on my next wage . Uncle Eddie heard him and said Alex are you trying to get us the F *****g sack before we’ve even started . Uncle Eddie was trying to negotiate with the gaffer . God love him .

I remember my Dad , Alex and Eddie were on a job. Alex asked Eddie if he could give Joe some work. Eddie had to go and price another job. Alex was left with Joe but Alex sneaked to bookie left Joe on his own. Alex said to my Dad “keep your eyes on him Podge he’s dingles” Eddie came back for my Dad asked where’s A!ex gone. My dad’s said he’s no getting a penny – too true .lol . However, the next day Eddie came wi’ steam coming out his heid ‘who the fu*k left the hole for the windaes’. Joe said with smile thinking he’d done well “me Eddie”, The hole was too wee!!! Haha . Joe was sacked on the spot and Alex told my Dad “it’s no that Podge my horse was the beaten at the post!” .

Aye Helen there was a story I’m sure he got thrown off a train he no ticket for Shep and Shep was stinking the train out can’t remember where they were going . I was the youngest and Ma being Ma liked me in the hoose with her and my mum – they were best pals she always said your my other daughter Mary – so while Ma protected me from all the weirdos that might come in the street I had nothing else to do but listen to their gossip and learn how to make Ma’s Puree

JOSIE Joins in daughter of Peggy Morrison and Joe Quilietti

Hi all the full story unbelievable I asked John to take Pauline who was about 14 at the time to take her to the Waverley put her on the London train cause Tam Devlin was working on it and he was to watch Pauline till she got there. Fk Ah was beside myself no mobile phones then. John had got on the train with Shep drank her pocket money then got flung off drunk at Newcastle. He took 2 Days to Walk home with the wee dug.xx you couldn’t make it up eh. Loved him to bits xxxx On his return he came to see me. When I opened the door John just shouted English Bast. Tapped a few doors for water no one entertained him or Shep

Was thinking about John last night when it was Sheila’s son Raymond and Fiona’s wedding, me and Alex about died laughing John walked in all done up with Shep who was wearing a huge red bow xxx They wouldn’t let Shep in so the pub near by had to babysit the poor dug xx. You really couldn’t make it up eh!!

Mind when Ben Conroy was running the Marishal Arms he had Alex running the social club so all the guys would pay x amount each week to go on a yearly trip So the big day arrived going somewhere up north. Half way there Alex found John hiding under a seat cause the boys sneaked him on. When they arrived 40 of them was booked in so Alex warned John to behave but as soon as they arrived the guy who was the president of the place hugged John just shouted Morrison. It was his.commanding officer in the Royal Scots xxxxx. couldn’t make it up

Eddie was fab loved him to bits as well him and Alex used to do design’s by hand in my mums house amazing xx all in pencil. He would draw houses and stuff the local store – the co-op in Niddrie was one.

Alex Morrison son of Alex. Morrison the Barefoot joins in

Yip drew there own blueprints

GILLIAN MORRISON grandaughter of Alex. Morrison the Barefoot joins in


My uncle Pud (John) magic at drawing too. Must have got it from Granda Barefoot. John did a great drawing of my uncle Joe. Need to see who has it send a pic. Maybe Maggie I think? Xx

Josie again

Aye Eddie and Alex were clever at it. Eddie ah remember done most of the drawing with Alex input ah was 14 ish and was totally fascinated watching. There is a lovely post card hand written by Alex to my mum his we sister all the way from Burma.Helen has it xx

Gillian again

Just wrote a wee poem xx

Big families, sharing helping a lot, Everyone appreciated all That they got Everyone gathered at Auld Nana Nell That big pot of soup the taste and the smell Times were hard but they had each other 11 of a family sisters and brothers Now there are grand and great grandkids galore The stories go on and there is still so much more Lock downs been shit and life is sometimes a bore But we set up this group and we have learned so much more Covids a bastard and our lives it has messed But we have realised with our family we really are blessed I am now reading these stories, a cocktail in hand Keep the stories going, luv to the Morrison Clan

Denise Morrison

I can mind my nana mo sending Sandy to the chippy for fags and milk, he didn’t come back for two years!!!


I got an 18th birthday card with a pair of earrings pierced through it from “Alex” ……hadn’t a clue who they were from till Sandy asked me if I liked the earrings weeks later, I said why did you sign it Alex ffs?….said that’s my name…..never knew he was an Alexander till I was 18 !!!!

Gillian replies – Mind I walked into The Cabin with a new top on. Was white with a pattern on it. Thought I was bees knees. Sandy said to me where the fck did you get that top its like trying to get channel 5!!!



Gillian again

My Nana Morrison was good at wee oil paintings. She done a few when she was in her 60s. Mum and dad bought her an easel. Will send a couple of pics. I kept some . Aw granda loved a note or two. He had lovely writing too when he put his mind to it xx


GILLIAN sent these done by Mags McGovern Morrison

Was thinking about a day I spent with my Nana Morrison one day. She knew her mum was buried at Eastern cemetery but not where. We went to Piershill Cemetery where records were held. Once in the big old house just as you go in she told me the layout of how the house used to be. I found out that day my great granda mcgovern used to be caretaker at cemetery and my Nana had lived there at some point when she was young. I remember saying oh were you no spooked living here. She said no hen, you should fear the living no the dead. Xx. We found my great Nana but headstone had been removed as unsafe. We left flowers. My nanas brother Jack buried there too. He passed away on my nanas 5th birthday. He had a long term illness but can’t remember what it was. Dad or Maggie do you remember? Xx. Miss stories from my Nana about growing up in South Side. Watching stars arriving at premiers at the odeon. She mentioned Sean Connery was a looker a few times lol x


ANN MARIE Joins again

Awe Gillian your grandad was a great letter writer too – and poems . I remember your Nana Mags telling my Mum depending what mood they were in it would be loving or sad . Haha he was a lovely, lovely man .


There is a lovely post card hand written by Alex to my mum his we sister all the way from Burma.Helen has it xx

Ah mind Ma and Mary took me to the pictures Gary Grant black and white ah was only about 9. Ah shouted out “he is lovely Mary “and Ma.started giggling

Mind Tam Hood’s party piece All Johnston ma dad loved it xxx


Gillian joins in

xxNo many folks can say their granda’, when locked in a first floor flat, can dreep (is that the word) from a 1st floor balcony with his walking stick and get up and walk away lol xx. He then walked to the Captain’s Cabin!!!!!

Got a wee story the barefoot told me on break at work one day ! He was in Burma during the war and him and his mate loved the saki drink, him and his mate got drunk on saki and barefoot was on guard duty, even though he was drunk he took up his guard duty in front of the supplies tent along with his rifle and alsation dog. He was awakened by his Seargant screaming Morrison what the fucks happened here !!! Barefoot turned around and the supplies including the tent were gone, stolen as he slept, even the dog and gun were missing !! Result few weeks in detention ( army jail) he had me in tears, some guy hahaha!!!

Miss them all. George was always first to visit family in the hospital too. Never forget the day Barefoot passed away in the hospital. They left the door unlocked for us to go back in with my dad. George had came up and was sitting with my granda. Just thought he was sleeping, nurses hadn’t told him my granda had just passed away xx.

About Joe. Mind when he got new teeth and new jacket. Went about like a Cheshire cat for weeks walking about like the man fi c&a lol xx


Ann Marie

I remember that story about George my Dad Gillian he came back and told us . I remember my Dad used to visit Uncle Eddie a lot too when he was in hospital when he came back he was so quiet and couldn’t eat . My Mum and me knew he was totally gutted as he loved his big brother . And why no he was a lovely man .

I remember Joe went to Canada he was only there a few weeks when he came back he was talking with AMERICAN accent had a long raincoat and a John Wayne hat .!ol . God did he get the piss taken oot of him when the Morrison men go a hold of him . Haha . Lovely man though – just never forget you come from Scotland as are a Jambo !!!

Josie that reminds of the time Ma and mum would giggle telling the story of how they’d went to the Odeon with Aunty Bella and Ma being Ma would pack a weird picnic of leftovers and a bag for leftovers to take home ! My mum was put in the middle Aunty Bella would pass the sweeties along my Mum would be embarrassed handing them back and trying not laugh as Ma hand taken not one but nearly emptied the packet – the next time Aunty Bella passed them one sweet each . Then Ma brought out her bag dropped a tomato it rolled all the way down the cinema everybody was tapped on the back and eventually it was passed back up . Ma put it in her bag and said that’ll dae John’s piece the morn. When they back Grandad Alex – my dad’s dad – saw her empty her bag and said see you you’d take a raw egg and eat it . Haha

Ann Marie

I always remember going round to Aunty Peggy I was tiny – God wish I was now lol – she’d be gossiping wi my Mum and Uncle Joe would joke “can she no speak get Mary” – the more said it the more stubborn I got – Aunty Peggy would shout “leave the wee lamb alone.” Then told me a story about The Clock on the wall it had pendulum things hanging doon and he said when chimed a certain time Hamish’s jammies would fall down it was his bedtime. Haha I always wanted to go roond to see it. Another cheerful soul missed.


Talking about her Mum Mary Kesson who was having a knee replacement and she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis. ” My Mum was getting sent to somewhere in England for her op. I remember having to argue with the doctors cause she would miss going to go her Rheumatoid treatments. The Professor found out – he like my Mum and rescheduled her and done the op himself . Brilliant job beautiful straight scar. A knee replacement they had to keep her awake cause she was fragile with rheamatiod arthritis so they gave her an epidural. she never felt a thing but obviously hated it specially as she could hear every single thing ever knee getting sawed out – yuck. Years later they were going to give her a brand new tricky ankle replacement but it would take over a year to recover so she refused she said she’d suffer the pain she thought she was too old and no long to go. Awe wee shame poor Mary

Brother George went too soon and was made so unhappy by some people he truly loved and died on his own. He’d been staying with us waiting for his heating to get fixed in his flat 2 days later my Mum and me had been to get him on the phone – but he was as good with the phone as I am with this iPad lol .We were up to ninety and my Mum made Tricia and Davy drive doon. The door was locked but they could hear me phoning his mobile non stop in his flat so called police who knocked the door in and the rest is history. The last time him was saying cheerio with my Mum at door as he’s was back to check the heating . He was laughing and joking with as he had food from my Mum and she was fussing over him and bag of ironing I’d just done . He said it’s ok Mum I’ll back up in a couple of days I’m going down down to Niddrie to see Packy the morn . He smiled and waved and was shouting back us half way along the street. I never imagined the next time I’d see that pile of ironed clothes I’d be sitting in that friggin flat on my own clearing out some stuff for the binmen .It gave me a wee chance for a private weep though . Aye God bless he’ll be at peace now .


Just speechless he was always joking and laughing.I bumped into him one hot sunny night he was walking to niddrie to see Jimmy Carroll but took the long way by mistake he was fainting with the heat but still laughing xxxx


Fantastic memories clan. Keep them all coming. Uncle Jimmy and Uncle John were definitely the real deal. I don’t have many memories of Aunty Mary, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Podge, Mags etc. I remember mum and dad taking us to Eddie and Joyce’s house and I always remember Joyce gave me a tartan dancing doll, do you remember them. Loved that doll for years. Amazing times. Unbelievable that John and Shep his dug had to walk home from Newcastle. Priceless

Have some memories of my dad taking me on the building site at South St Andrews Square as all the uncles were all working on the same site. I swear I could build a wall professionally as i was taught by the best. We all need a huge soirée when all this is over. @Gillian Morrison your poems are fab. Keep them coming. Love to you all


Frankie. He and my Dad were great pals from childhood. My Mum, Mary Kesson and Margaret Finlay knew each well and both met their husbands the at a dance hall in Niddrie Street off the Mile can’t remember the name just now but obviously it’s shut doon it’s underneath the Niddry Street Vaults .x


Aye believe it or no I was the youngest, and Ma being Ma, liked me in the hoose with her and my mum – they were best pals she always said your my other daughter Mary – so while Ma protected me from all the weirdos that might come in the street I had nothing else to do but listen to their gossip and learn how to make Ma’s Puree soup !! Lol , onion ,garlic , stock cubes – I was only 3 lol . Tell you a laugh Ma always made it on a Sunday cause all men went to Hearts club along the Terrace in the afternoon. Whoever got in first was lucky cause I mind chasing after mum into the kitchen with the plates and watching Ma put them all back into the pot but guaranteed the person who had the last plate of soup and drunken slavers always thanked Ma for a beautiful plate of soup !!!

Ma had all of her 11 children at home except for Aunty Sheila

Anne Marie replies

Aunty Sheila was a hospital baby but wasna’e meant. Ma as usual was at home in bed but whoever was there with her told Grandad Morrison that she was having a really bad. He told my dad to run and get the Midwife – probably in those somebody experienced in the neighbourhood ? – my Dad always remembered him ruffled- It wasna’e his style – and told him run son you’re the fastest . My Dad said he’d never so fast in his life he course like the had heard it all in that wee house and thought his mum was going to die . When Ma was taken to hospital he remembers his Dad saying that’s it Nae mare bairns . Defo hard times ……………

By the way Helen you did know didn’t you that Ma lost 2 babies so she should have had 13 .My mum knew for years but never said but after Tricia lost her first baby I remember visiting and heard Ma saying remember Mary I lost my two but look at how many I’ve got now . Me and Tricia were speaking no long ago about Ma coz sometimes I have a dream that’ll come – no the friggin lottery numbers though.


She said maybe you take after Ma. She had a dream the night before Tricia had the stillbirth and insisted Aunty Peggy phone my Mum to see if Tricia was alright – weird or what .??


Ma Morrison had nine of her kids in Chessel’s Court and the three youngest in Niddrie


Your right about Chessel’s Court the younger ones were born at Niddrie . When grandad Alex was stationed at Edinburgh Castle Ma used to get my dad [PODGE]to run up with sack and tell him to find his dad Ma needed some food. His dad would say wait there the now come back with a full sack and told him to tell his mother to stop doing this she’ll get me Fu ****g court marshalled . Haha only Ma .

Helen replies

GRANNY QUILIETTI was the local midwife she lived along the street at No. 79 Niddrie Mains Terrace. Ma lived at No. 50. So that makes perfect sense Ann Marie. I believe that Sandy Morrison was born at 79 as well in 1950. The psychic dreams. I believe.








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