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BOYLE/Walker/McLauchlin connections

The Walkers are connected through two sides of the family.   The first Walker connection is via Peggy Morrison Quilietti.   The second connection is through Jeannie Boyle’s family and it is this line that I will concentrate on on this page. So we will start there. My great grandad was James Boyle.   He married Annie Smith or Kay in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland in the year 1900.   Annie was already a widow with two children.   Then along came Granny Quilietti or Jane Boyle and her sister Jemima Boyle. The Boyle family had originated of course from Ireland and settled on the West Coast of Scotland where the foundries and mines gave  many men work. Our branch of the Boyle family as far back as I have traced yet is as follows with a lot of help from Robbie Wilson.

My great-grandad James Boyle married Jane Walker

Marriage 1843

James’s father was LUKE BOYLE born circa 1786 in Ireland.  Luke married Elizabeth McGlauchlin in the parish of Old Monkland


  There is as yet unconfirmed records that Luke died in the village of Glenamaddy, which lies on the northeast corner of Galway in Ireland.Glenamaddy, Galway, Ireland. It was here in the year 1872 that we find the death of Luke Boyle with the same birthyear as our own ancestor.

Luke married Elizabeth Betty McLauchlan in the year 1820 in Old Monkland in Ayrshire.   There Luke worked in the Blair Iron Works, and they had a cottage in New Row on the site of the factory.  Luke and Betsy as she was known had moved from Ireland and all their children were born in Lanarkshire.  James was born in 1821 so their exodus from Ireland would have been before this.

Luke Boyle

1861 CENSUS James Boyle and Jane Walker

Their children came along.  Jamesborn 1821, Hendry born 1827, Luke born 1833 and there was also Jane 1822.   The ages are vague and each census tells a different year of birth of these children.

Our direct line JAMES BOYLE, was born in Old Monklands in Lanarkshire in Scotland in the year 1821.   James married Jane Walker in the year 1843 in Dalry, Ayrshire.    Jane was born  in Irvine in Scotland.  Jane links us to her branch of the Walker line.    Jane died in an accident in Storringshaw Pit on 18 February 1874.

Their children came along as follows.    There has been extensive research by some of the Boyle descendants and in particular Robbie Wilson.


  • Jane Boyle (1841-1920)  Jane married twice.   Her first husband was Charles Boyle Kerr and there seems to be no issue.   Her second husband was James Muir  1840-1901.  They had several children and their children remained close to their grandad James Boyle.   One of their children were with him when he died suddenly in Glasgow in 1901.


  • Ann Boyle (1845-)


  • Luke Boyle (1845-)


  • Ann Boyle (1846-)


  • Luke Boyle (1847-)  Luke married Agnes Smith and they had several children.


  • Elizabeth  Boyle (1849-) .   She married Henry Brown 1847-1929.   This branch of our family left Scotland for Australia.

    A memorial plaque for Elizabeth Boyle Brown. She was the sister of our direct line James Boyle

    The Australian family

    This is a photograph of James Boyle Brown who is my first cousin x twice removed.

    James Boyle Brown nickname 'Payday'

    James married Margaret Kerr

    Margaret Kerr Brown

    who was born in West Calder in Scotland.  They married in 1891 in a place called Joadja Creek in New South Wales, Australia.  They had several children, 

    My second cousin x once removed Henry or Harry Brown

    Harry was my second cousin, once removed

    Florence Jane Barelett wife of Henry Brown

    This is a photograph of their son Henry                 Here also is a photograph of Florence and Harry’s son.  His name was James Nathaneil Brown.   James is my third cousin.

    James Nathaneil Brown, my Australian third cousin

     In the same Brown family we find another daughter of Elizabeth Boyle and Henry Brown.  Her name was Barbara Brown.

    Karen's line leads back to James Boyle

    Barbara’s first marriage was to Thomas Evans.  They married in Australia in the year 1893 and had one son whom they called Thomas.   However things did not work out too well and a few years later  she found her partner William Dobbie.   They in turn had three children, Doris, Walter and Daisy.    Jessie lived a long life and died in the year 2000.Walter  Henry Charles Dobbie was born in Portland, New South Wales on 11th January 1908.   Walter married Mary Molly Frances  May TALBOT in New South Wales in 1932.  Now if I have this right it was this couple who was Karen Dobbie’s grandparents. We met Karen in the year 2011 when she was in Edinburgh doing some research   Here is a photograph  of  her with Denis Madigan Stanton, my hubby.

    Karen with Denis Madigan Stanton 2011 in Edinburgh

  • Elizabeth Boyle (1849-1888)


  • Henry Boyle (1852-1906)  Henry also worked as a miner in Shotts, Lanarkshire.


  • Mary Boyle (1855-)


  • James Boyle (1857-1917)  James is of course our direct line.

    our great grandfather James Boyle's birth

    and here is his death with his nephew James Muir  as witness to the sad event


  • Margaret Boyle was born on 14th March 1862 in Shotts in Lanarkshire.   She married George Piggot, another Irish emigrant in 1883 in Fauldhouse in West Lothian.  George had travelled from Ireland as the census information tells us.

    The Pigott family in 1881

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Helen,
    Just reading through your latest additions, particularly on my family line. Actually Barbara Brown came to Australia when she was about 4. She married Thomas Evans on 18th Nov 1893. Their son, thomas, was born in august 1894. Barbara was then with William Dobbie as they had daughter Jessie in 1898, followed by Doris, Walter Henry Clyde and Daisy. Barbara’s death certificate states she was Barbara Evans – hence not Dobbie marriage ( but we need not put that as some members of the family are – you know…….sensitive)
    Sadly haven;t made it to Scotland this year (gutted) – too much going on on the home front. Hope you and Denis are great!

  2. John Mallon says:

    I am related to the browns. I have a photo of Henry Brown James Boyle Browns Father. I am the great great great grandson of Daniel Brown brother of Henry Brown. Id be interested to hear from you and share with my latest research. I a really keen for photos

  3. patricia (brown) slidziunas says:

    Henry and Elizabeth were my paternal great grand parents.

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