The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

ACCETTOLI- Fusco line

THIS PAGE is dedicated to Noel Fusco,  his son John and daughter Noeline.    Noel was the son of Maria Brattesani and  John Fusco

A dashing, very handsome Noel Fusco

John is the son of Noel and Teresa Fusco, and for all information and photographs he has sent to us we give him great thanks.

“My mother’s line is into that of the Accettola family, her mother being Concetta Accettola (born 24 September 1900 / died shortly after her 80th birthday in September1980) who was married to John Waddie (died when my mother was just a young girl). Concetta, or ‘Queenie’ as my grandmother was better known, had a number of siblings, some of whom I can’t fully recall or never met. Noel & Tessa had three children;

Constance Maria (now Connie Federici born 19 June 1946 – married Giuseppe Federici (a Fossombrone family) who between them have three unmarried children, Marco, Leo and Carina), Noeline Fusco (born 12 November 1949)

and me, John Gerard Fusco (born 4 February 1964).

Noeline lives in Edinburgh and I live in York. Neither of us have married.

The Accettoli family are connected via Noel Fusco, son of Maria Brattesani and John Fusco.

Noel was born and brought up in Edinburgh in Scotland.   At some point in his life he met Teresa Waddie, known affectionately as Tessa.

Tessa Waddie

Their wedding day Noel Fusco and Teresa Waddie.

Tessa’s family were from Sheffield in England.  Her father’s name was Dominico Accettoli and her mother was Theresa Crolla.    The Accettoli family originated in the Fossombrone region of Italy, which is situated on the eastern coast in the northern provence of Pecari in Le Marche’.

The map of Italy showing the Fossombrone area

If you go up the valley of the Metauro River from Fano inland, Fossombrone appears almost suddendly, between plain and hill, just wherethe valley narrows, closed between the spurs of the Cesane and the steep side of the Colle dei Cappuccini.

The valley

Accettola line

The family show up in two of the English census’s.   1901 shows the family in Pontefract at number 9 Princess Street,  with Dominico as the head and occupation given as an ice cream maker.   His wife Teresa is there with their two children, Giovanni and Concetta.   They were at this time part of the large Italian community and they shared premises with many other immigrants. It seems that the couple were married in  July of 1898 in Leeds.

1911 .  Now living  in Sheffield the family lived at 1 Butler’s Court.  The 1911 census gives us some interesting pieces of information about the family.   Dominico was born in the year 1870.  His occupation was given as an Artificial Marble Tradesman.   His birthplace is documented as a place called ‘Sora.’    Sora is situated much further south than Fossombrone, in the Lazio Region, near to Rome. It may have been that Dominico’s father had moved from their origins to seek work after the unification of Italy in 1860.   Many of the people who worked the land were forced to seek new employment as the new landlords took over the countryside.

Sora, in Lazio.

Dominico Accettoli  was born in Sora in Lazio

the census

The children’s names are different from what they eventually became,   With one son and five daughters in 1911 their names were given as Giovanni, Concetta, Liberata, Rosa, Geneoffa and Colomba.

Teresa Crolla  is documented as being born in Picinisco, Frozinone.

The Crolla Clan are indeed a large family and they have an extensive family website.

Crolla family Manchester

What became of these Accettola children

Rose (Rosie) – emigrated to the US – unsure of the descendents here

Jenny ( married name Boni – husband Joe Boni) – children Olivia ‘Olive’ (now D’Annunzio) and Laurence. In turn Olive had three daughters by her husband Romano (Elvira, Norma and Romana) and Laurence had three sons by his wife Anita ( nee Tuzzi?); Stefano, Josef and Ricardo

Annie (married name DiRollo – husband Joe Di Rollo) – children Angela, Gloria & Theresa

Clara (married name Janetta) – had a son called Dominic and a daughter Connie

Donald (marrried to Lucia – surname unknown) – children Anna (now deceased) and Paul

Katherine (Katie) (married name Mignanelli – husband Louis, a soldier from Plymouth) – children Johnny (married Helen Booker and has a daughter named Maria, all of whom live in Sheffield) & Louise (married Michael James – both now deceased). Michael & Louise James had a daughter, Claire-Louise who I believe lives here in York , quite close to me!

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