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CONNOLLY connections

There are a few branches of the family who find themselves stretching back to this very common Irish surname.


Connected through the Stanton line we find the family emigrating to Scotland from Oranmore in County Galway, most probably fleeing from the famine. Anthony Connolly 1804-1859 and Bridget Kilday 1814-1884 found themselves in Edinburgh. In 1851 they were in Irish Lodgings in Allison’s Close in Little Ireland, the Cowgate, Edinburgh with their family of 5 who had all been born in Ireland.

Their daughter Margaret Connolly 1837-1920 married John Gordon 1839-1899 who was from Connemarra in County Galway. They married in St. Patrick’s RC Church in the Cowgate on 4th June 1853. Their son Patrick Gordon

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