The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage


Our connection with the Wahlberg family starts with Pricilla Anne Arpino.  Pricilla is the daughter of Palma Curran Arpino.

Priscilla with her mum Palma


Pricilla is the grandaughter of Mary Arpino Hunter and great-grandaughter of Angelina Quilietti and John Arpino.   She married James Chisholm Wahlberg in 1967 in Ford, Midlothian.

With husband James

lovely photo taken a few years ago


Children – Michelle

daughter Michelle


Snapshot of the Arpino line

Augusto and Giuseppe Quilietti with Francesca Arpino and young Angelina

Palma Green with Priscilla Wahlberg

Priscilla with her children

Priscilla's daughter Michelle with her two children

Priscilla's sister Tamaara Marie Laing

a very glamourous Pricilla

Sister Lucia Accolla

Lucia lives in Roma. Lucia is Pricilla's sister but I am unsure how the connection works.

Mark and Craig on their wedding day With them is Pricilla's daughter Mandy her husband Patrick. and her two sons Jamie. and Murray.

Craig with Michelle and Mark

the Wahlberg Clan out in force for Mark’s wedding, all but three grandchildren

Mark\’s wedding



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