The Quilietti Family

Your Quilietti family heritage

ARPINO Pricilla Anne

Pricilla Anne is the daughter of Mary Arpino.   Pricilla was born in the year 1946.


Pricilla married James Chisholm Wahlberg in 1967.     They have three children Mandy , Mark and Michelle.

Mark's wedding day

daughter Michelle with the kids

Daughter Michelle 's two kids Toni and Seb

Grandaughter Danielle Crawford with her family. Danielle's mum is Michelle

Michelle with Seb and Toni

professional photos of Danielle with her family


Lex was Palma's father. He died recently RIP


Mark on his wedding day

Michelle Wahlberg

Mark with his hubby Craig and sister

Pricilla at the Parliament

in Roma with hubby

Four Generations of the Arpino/Wahlberg girls

Handling her niece Tara's pet - a brave woman -AAARGH

The family. With them is Pricilla's late sister Tamaara's daughter Tara


Sisters Pricilla, Palma and Tamara


Sister Tamara and niece Tara


The Wahlberg Clan

Tasmin with her family





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