The Quilietti Family

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ARPINO Angelina Sim

Angelina Sim is the great-great  grandaughter of  Augusto Quilietti and Francesca Arpino.

Showing four Angelinas

family tree showing the four Angelinas before her


Angelina Sim


Selfie of Angelina

Angelina with new sister Kirsty



Angelina Quilietti, Angelina Sim’s  great- granny.  The resemblance is uncanny

Angelina’s line, Francesca Arpino Quilietti holding baby Mary Arpino and Angelina Quilietti on the left


Angelina’s two boys Jake and Ryan are here with their cousins Dylan and Kyle

Angelina’s son Jake when he was a youngster

son Ryan when he was a youngster



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