The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

Quilietti Gary 1981

Gary Ian Quilietti is the eldest Son of Graham Quilietti and Catherine Elder

Gary Quilietti

Gary is part of this

About The Jackals

Gary was born on 12 September 1981 in Edinburgh

The Jackals
Hometown: Edinburgh, UK
Genres: Alternative / Psychedelic / Bluegrass
Label: Unsigned
Members: Scott Watson, Paddy McMaster, David Panton, Gary Quiletti, Bruce Anderson

Out of the gloomy mist of a worn UK music scene, come The Jackals to supply a soundtrack of music and energy in a period of time where original music is neglected for the commercialised feast of pop televised fodder. Mixing guitar driven psychedelic sounds with gritty well crafted songs, The Jackals are a band not to be missed in the current climate.

Currently recording their debut album to be released later this year, The Jackals play quality live music with attitude & conviction that can only be translated on view. With influences drawn from 60s psychedelia to modern day mind benders, be sure to catch The Jackals LIVE in a town near you!


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  1. Allison quilietti says:

    That’s a really good picture of u uncle Gary xx

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