The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

COWAN Graham James 1977

Graham is the son of Graham Cowan senior and Jacqueline Douglas. He has two sisters Jo and Crystal.

He has seven children but apologies have not the name of his spouses. Children are Kalin, Reece, Tyler, Mia, Lacey Maisie and Kaiden. He also has three grandchildren. Leon, Bella and Harlow

KALIN b 1997. Kalin has a son Leon William b 2019.

REECE GEORGE b 2000. Reece has a daughter called Bella b 2018.

TYLER b 2002. Tyler has a daughter Harlow b.2021.

MIA b 2003. Mia has a son Alfie b 2019.

LACEY b 2007.

MAISIE b 2010.

KAIDEN b 2011



Mia Cowan is Graham’s daughter


some of Graham’s kids are amongst this group

Kalin with his wee sister

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