The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Jacqueline 1957-2004

A tribute to Jackie written by her dad 


In honour of his eldest daughter on the occasion of her 45th birthday

“This is the story of Jacqueline Quilietti

Whose ancestors hail from the land of Spaghetti

She stays in a house at the top of the Longstone Hill

Where her last partner was a guy named Phil

At the beginning it was a guy named Greg

I don’t know what happened to him, I think he broke a leg

Then along came Tom….America the country he came from

Then along came Dave, the Broxburn Red-head Rave

So now you have reached Forty-five

You are now looking well and beginning to thrive.

Maggie, her sister has left this comment She was the best sister anyone could ask for, she was the original rock chick of the 70s and she always loved to party.    She now has two grandchildren, Chloe Jacqueline and Lewis.   She would have been so proud of them.

Wedding Day

And a tribute from Carel Van Druten

After a teenager wedding fling the American busdriver her real thing

Doublecrossing her with other women

Her life became disorganised..compasscourse lost a bad omen

To Dave she later went.  Motoring type, introduced her in his way of life

Roaming about Europe the past time in this life

She had two children to him, but addiction entering their way of living

Was soon a disaster for her motherhood and the children

A long way of rehabilitation brought her into this better state of mind

Took it’s toll on Jackie be it smiling till the end, into hospital she went

Not to return in the loving care of her family and friends

We in Holland loved this dear lass

We will never forget her, so close to her in the early days

Favoured Uncle and Auntie classed we were, in her later days


A Tribute from Holland

Dear Robert and Family.   We learned the sad news of Jacqueline’s passing, her last wave as she went to get treatment and the impossible task it was to save her for us.   Shocked we all are as are as those we phoned yesterday, Loek and Carl Jnr.




She was born a girl, not a boy,

She was just a bundle of joy

When she was little, she was alwas on the go,

She always did her impressions of Marily Monroe

When she went to school, she had some happy days

Because she was always the leading lady in the school plays

Her teenage years soon went by ,

Then everything became too pacey

Then she had two children named Aeden and Jaycey

She was always hail and always hearty

She was the star of every party

She will always be in our minds and always in our hearts

How we all wish your life was just about to start

Now that Jacqueline has gone

We will never forget her name

And now this world will never be the same

“Lucky people are those who are smiling with tears in their eyes and not showing their own suffering, but therefore making others happy”

She married David Duncan Christie and they had two children Jaycey and Aeden.  The family lived at Roman Camp, just outside Edinburgh.

Aeden with his Granny Q

Aeden has one son Lewis and daughter Zoe

Aeden with Lewis and
Two peas in a pod
Lewis and Zoe
Aeden with Lewis

Jaycey has two children,  Chloe Jacqueline and Sophie Jackie Quilietti Lindsay, so through these two grandaughters  her name lives on.

Jaycey and Aeden
Sophie Jackie Quilietti Lindsay

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