The Quilietti Family

The story of a Scots Italian family

QUILIETTI Grahame John Young 1952

Grahame with mum Teresa

Grahame John Young Quilietti born 21st July 1952 at Simpson’s Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh.   He is the son of Giulio [Sonny] Quilietti and Theresa Harper.

Giulio Q family – Grahame, Leok, Graham, Bette Lou, Maggie, Bob and Carel junior.
Tattoo –
The only way is QUILIETTI
In Amsterdam with family
Graheme Quilietti

For all who know Graheme, you can only describe him as very colourful, full of mischief, but someone who will never let you down and someone who loves his family very much.  He has a great bunch of mates and they holiday every year.    The countries to where they visit have never seen anything like this bunch


He is particularly close  with his cousins Graham Cowan and Maggie Quilietti Wood

Best pals

Grahame and his brother Ian were brought up in the Lawnmarket at 322/7 Riddle’s Court, on the top flat. The family always lived around the Southside of the City.

Grahame married his first wife Catherine McDonald Elder in 1972.  


They had three children but despite this they were not getting on and were divorced

  • CHILDREN of GRAHAME QUILIETTI  and Catherine Elder
  • GRAHAME GEORGE QUILIETTI was born on 3rd January 1972.
  • NICOLAS JOHN QUILIETTI was born on 31st January 1974
  • GARY IAN QUILIETTI was born on 12th September 1981
Gary Ian Quilietti.   Gary is a member of the Band – The  Jackals.  You can find them on Facebook
Gary Quilietti
Gary with Sarah Moon Ross

Grahame then  married Margaret Anne Allan Urquhart on 25th March 1977 and they had two children. They subsequently divorced in 1985

  • Laura Clare Quilietti was born on 2nd September 1977. Laura married John Ross McKinley. She has three children Sommer, Logan and Ruby.
Grahame with daughter Laura
  • Scott Quilietti was born on 5th April….
  • Grahame, Linda and Ryan 1996
    Laura, dressed for the website
    SCOTT Quilietti with his dad GRAHAME
    Scott and Kirsty

    His next marriage was to Linda McKay  They have TWO sons Scott and Ryan

    • Ryan Quilietti born 28th October 1991
    Scott with Grahame
    with Ryan
    Ryan’s tattoo
    Ryan’s son Alfie Giulio Quilietti

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    1. Christianne Keanie says:


      I’m not sure if this will reach you, but I’ll give it a shot anyhow.

      My name is Christianne Keanie. I am 35 years old, and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I think that we are (2nd?) cousins.?. Actuallly, second cousins, I believe.?. I am still trying to figure this out (mathematically, at best;)
      Your father (?)’s cousin was Joe? And his aunt, Jeanie (nee Keanie)?
      My dad’s name is Charles (Chic). DOB 03/02/33 He is the youngest of all of the siblings to Jeanie and grew up with Joe (and from what I can gather, your father in Leith/Edinburgh.?.
      I may not be sure of any of the answers, or even the questions for that matter… But I took one look at your picture here on this website, and all I could see (besides a happy man:), was someone who looked like my family. Especially my dad and Uncle James, and brother Scot, and cousin Kenny… And this may sound strange, but my dad has a picture of my grandmother; whom I never met. (She and my grandfather both died on the same day — my dad’s birthday, the day he came to Canada, the day Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens went down in their plane — the day the music died).
      But, if you cover up her hair on this picture, it looks EXACTLY like my dad! And uncle James, and YOU!
      I don’t mean to pry, but I’ve been feeling a stronger urge to know about where I come from… Who my family is… And when it strikes upon me like this, I Have to ask.

      If there is Anything theat you can share, it would be greatly appreaciated, After all, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.


      Chris Keanie

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      Please e.mail me on thanks Helen then we can talk

    3. Jack and Ruth Lees says:

      How is your mum Theresa ?
      We have tried to call her from Kauai, but have not had any luck.
      It is a 10 hour time difference here.
      Ruth and Jack Lees

    4. Helen says:

      Hello I will pass on your message to the family. Sorry have taken so long to reply.

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